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Debates Day 5 - Wednesday 17 October 2007



Debates Day 5 - Wednesday 17 October 2007

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DEBATES Wednesday 17 October 2007 4877 To watch that last bit of rail, prior to the Chief Minister and the dignitaries coming down, rolling onto the wharf was a really sad period because the railway was a major part of my working life over a number of years, but particularly during those three to four years from 2000 to 2004. It did not quite end there. I had the opportunity to work as Construction Manager for the Bootu Creek access road, which the minister for Mines spoke about a little while ago, which is 63 km. I worked on the camp facilities there, the radial stackers and the site investigations for those. There was a bit of involvement there with the radial stackers for Bootu Creek and subsequently, Territory Iron. I am sorry I have a spent a little time on this. Well, I am not sorry. You have a chance every now and again to reminisce a little about some good times and some experiences and, yes, I am very fortunate to have had that opportunity. I will get back to what I want to talk about, and that is the critical element of the AustralAsia Trade Route, which does not just stand alone. If you look at what the government is doing across the board, you can see the linkages across the board and the coordination. Since the Martin Labor government was given the mandate to govern in 2001, the Territory has not looked back. This government has turned our economic misfortune under the CLP mismanagement into a sustainable economic future under a the Labor government, with the foresight and the clear vision and direction for a prosperous and vibrant Territory. In doing so, the Martin Labor government has clearly seen the AustralAsia Trade Route and its development as pivotal to development and growth of our lifestyle, which is the envy of the rest of Australia. I love the Territory. I am a proud Territorian, and this is a great place to raise a family. This government has invested heavily in our future. I am truly and unashamedly proud to be part of such a visionary government. Labor is clearly the natural party of government in the Northern Territory. The strong economy benefits Territory businesses and Territory families, and our economy is not only strong, but sustainable. This government, through its promotion and direct investment in our economic development, is ensuring sustainable growth of both Territory businesses and the lifestyle of economically health Territory families. This has all come about because of a combination of major project promotion, developing our trade opportunities and responsible, fiscal management by the Martin Labor government. Business activity is at an all time record. Our economy is strong, robust and growing. Our gross state production is now at a healthy 7.5%, driven mainly by investment, investment which, I am proud to say, has been attracted by the Martin Labor governments responsible management and development of our economy. Others can see the benefits of investing in our vibrant economy, but not our opposition, of course. They still live in the doldrums of the past, continue to talk down the Territory at every opportunity and, in the next breath, they claim to be proud Territorians. Sadly, they cannot bring themselves to acknowledge the fact that they and their families are reaping the benefits of what the Martin Labor government has delivered to them. While investment so far has been the principal driver behind our very healthy gross state product growth, the seeds of investment have begun to germinate. Our strong and robust economy is increasingly being driven by production outputs. It is forecast to grow at a healthy 6.2% to mid-2008. In other words, our future GSP growth will be on the back of long-term, sustainable production growth, so we are entering an exciting phase in the Territorys development. Of course, the AustralAsia Trade Route is a vital part of this governments growth. The CLP does not have the capacity, I guess, to see this in the big picture of how a capable government runs a sustainable Territory economy for the true benefit of our great Territory lifestyle. They do not understand that, because they have a leader who focuses on the small picture and mistakenly thinks she is on to a winner. She is a leader who does not understand the basics for what is truly important to Territorians. That was very evident by her speech and her poor effort in response to the Chief Ministers statement. She is a leader who does not understand that Territorians want their government to deliver them economic prosperity and the benefits that brings. The opposition, unfortunately, is in a shambles; in disarray, out of touch with Territorians and nowhere near ready to govern. I am proud that I stand here in late 2007 espousing the record of the Martin Labor government. We are entering exciting times which will benefit all Territorians, but this government is not content to rest on its laurels. This government continues to invest in our infrastructure, the training and upskilling of our workforce, research and development of key economic areas, providing tax cuts and incentives to business and families, promoting the Territorys trade opportunities and, as the Chief Minister detailed, promotion and development of our AustralAsia Trade Route and its links. Most importantly, there has been a planned focus to this governments investment in the Territory across the board to ensure this is strategically spread across the broadest possible range of governmental activities.