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Debates Day 3 - Thursday 21 October 2010



Debates Day 3 - Thursday 21 October 2010

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Parliamentary Record 15


Debates for 11th Assembly 2008 - 2012; ParliamentNT; Parliamentary Record; 11th Assembly 2008 - 2012




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DEBATES - Thursday 21 October 2010 reading through the Chief Ministers statement which says: The Territory economy is stronger, more stable, and more diverse today than it has ever been. Over the last decade, our economy has deepened and strengthened. We have grown this economy in a sustained way. What has deepened and strengthened is: public service numbers; the amount of crime on our streets; the housing crisis; the lack of land being released onto the market; farmers concerns about access to water and clear land for production; the Ord River Stage 2 seeing the light of day; child protection and child abuse in the Territory, and a whole raft of new taxes this moribund, mendicant government keeps introducing. These guys are an absolute joke. We are in crisis everywhere. We have a housing crisis, a housing affordability crisis, and a lack of workers. It is just a joke. This document talks about the money spent on transport infrastructure. The Chief Minister talks about road, rail, port and air infrastructure. Where are the new roads? Not the Tiger Brennan Drive extension - the lions share of money was put up by the federal government! Who built the railway line? What government was in power when the railway line was built? What government was in power when the port was built? And air infrastructure, goodness gracious me! The audacity of this man to come into this House and talk about air infrastructure when we see airlines leaving the Northern Territory en masse. In the last 10 years of this moribund, shambolic Labor government hanging around the halls of this House our air infrastructure has turned to custard. The Chief Minister says: Through careful management of industrial land around the port, we have an effective Business Park which has been an outstanding success. The fledgling Defence Park is at the early stage of its development. The housing crisis we are suffering in the Northern Territory is second only to the industrial land crisis we are suffering. We cannot get industrial land in the Northern Territory. It is a joke, and for the Chief Minister to say they have used careful management making available industrial land is a joke. He talks about the fledgling Defence Park - we have not heard of one customer going into the Defence Park. My idea on the Defence Park is they are creating a big white elephant opposite Robertson Barracks. This statement goes on and on and on. The Chief Minister says: To facilitate and accelerate developments, the Territory government assigns major project status to major developments. Let us have a think about that statement - major project status sounds really good. Why did Arafura Resources leave the Territory and go to South Australia? South Australia gave them major project status! They could not get it in the Northern Territory so they moved their operations to take ore through South Australia, which very quickly stole that project from the Northern Territory. Major project status! Another development with major project status was Browns Mine at Batchelor. That was given major project status by the government, however scientists and experts in the field say irrespective of having major project status it is impossible to proceed because of the regulations and requirements NRETAS is putting on the organisation. It has now been permanently mothballed despite the fact it received major project status from this government. This government made it impossible for that mine to go ahead for a range of reasons. It is shameful. Let us look at gas, another major project. Remember the Greater Sunrise field? There was talk in 2001 that Shell and Woodside, the owners of that field, wanted to develop a floating platform on the Greater Sunrise field. The Chief Minister at the time, Clare Martin, said: No fear are we allowing that resource to be exploited using a floating LNG plant. The development must occur in the Northern Territory. She was so incensed by the idea of an FLNG plant that she created an organisation called Team NT. I do not know if people on the other side remember Team NT. It was comprised of a range of fantastic Territory business people - people with vision. Bruce Fadelli, Steve Margetic and Dave Malone were the front men for Team NT. Team NT received a fair amount of government funding to promote the fact Darwin should be the development location for Greater Sunrise gas. At that time they were regularly visiting Canberra lobbying the federal Coalition government to force its hand to ensure gas came onshore and there was no floating platform somewhere in the Timor Sea at the Greater Sunrise resource. What has our dopey Chief Minister been up to since Woodside announced an FLNG plant at Greater Sunrise? He has gone to water he has welcomed it. That stuns me because Clare Martin went crazy at the thought this great huge resource - somewhere around 8 trillion cubic feet of gas - would be developed offshore. She wanted the construction, the jobs, the processing to come to Darwin, and quite right she was in that sentiment. 6526