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Budget 2012-2013 Budget Paper No.3 The Budget



Budget 2012-2013 Budget Paper No.3 The Budget

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145 Department of Health Mental Health Services Provision of services that aim to promote mental health, prevent the development of mental disorders and provide specialist mental health services including assessment, case management and treatment. Key Deliverables 2011-12 Budget 2011-12 Estimate 2012-13 Budget Individuals receiving community-based public mental health services1 6 000 6 400 6 900 Individuals under 18years of age receiving community-based mental health services1 1 200 1 200 1 350 Non-weighted occupied bed days by designated services2 14 000 10 800 13 200 Non-weighted inpatient separations from designated services2 1 270 970 1 100 Post-discharge community mental health care3 30% 30% 30% 28-day mental health re-admissions4 10% 10% 10% 1 Community-based public mental health services include all mental health services provided by Government (excluding government-funded non-government organisations) dedicated to the assessment, treatment, rehabilitation or care of non-admitted patients. 2 Measure refers to inpatient services provided within two approved treatment facilities (Darwin and AliceSprings Mental Health Inpatient Units), declared pursuant to section 20 of the Mental Health and Related Services Act 1998. 3 Measure indicates the proportion of separations from mental health service organisations acute care unit(s) for which a community service contact was recorded in the seven days immediately following that separation. 4 This measure indicates the percentage of separations from the mental health services acute mental health inpatient units that results in unplanned re-admission to the same or to another public acute mental health inpatient unit within 28 days of discharge. Community Support Services for FrailAgedPeople and People with a Disability Services are provided to people in their homes and in the community to maximise community participation and the independence of senior Territorians and people with disabilities for as long as possible. Services include professional support services such as assessment, case management, allied health and specialist services, as well as community support services such as community care and access, information and advocacy, and accommodation support. Key Deliverables 2011-12 Budget 2011-12 Estimate 2012-13 Budget Supported accommodation places 164 178 180 Clients accessing community support services1,2 5 200 4 410 2 105 Clients accessing professional support services3 7 100 7 050 6 900 Occasions clients access professional support services2 77 560 64 050 63 100 Aged Care Assessment Team clients receiving timely intervention in accordance with priority at referral 80% 80% 80% 1 Community support services include community care and support, in-home support, community access and respite care, but exclude supported accommodation (group homes). 2 The decrease in the measure reflects the transfer of responsibility for some functions to the Commonwealth. 3 Professional support services include Adult and Disability teams, Aged Care Assessment Program, Childrens Development Team, Community Adult Health Team, TIME Scheme, Transitional Care Unit, Local Area Coordination and Seating Equipment and Technology (SEAT) Service.