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Budget 2012-2013 Budget Paper No.3 The Budget



Budget 2012-2013 Budget Paper No.3 The Budget

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254 Darwin Port Corporation Managing infrastructure expansion and improvements to meet customer needs. Continue to establish the East Arm facility as an export gateway for new mining developments by improving services for bulk product and container export markets, and container and general break bulk import services. Progress land reclamation on East Arm and continue plans for new infrastructure at both East Arm Wharf and City Wharves. Environment Continue to improve environmental practices and exploration of alternate bulk loading options with stakeholders to stimulate growth and develop Darwin as the port of choice for bulk mineral exports. Development work on the management of storm water drainage at East Arm Wharf. Safety Review safety management systems to ensure new requirements are met under work, health and safety legislation. Ensuring appropriate resourcing to deliver safety initiatives and best practice approaches. Budget Highlights for 2012-13 Economic Sustainability $3.9million for continued expansion of East Arm Wharf through reclamation of PondF. $1.3 million to implement a new Port Management System for improved safety, operational and reporting efficiencies. Environment $2.5 million to improve the bulk loading system to enhance operational capabilities to increase environmental sustainability. $0.6 million to improve wash down facilities at East Arm Wharf to address environmental compliance and treatment of contaminants. Development of a proposal for a multipurpose incinerator facility for treatment of quarantine wastes. Business Line: East Arm Wharf Outcome: Provision of services and infrastructure for the operation of East Arm Wharf facilities including facilitation of dry and liquid bulk handling, livestock exports, container and general cargo, and offshore oil and gas rig services. Key Deliverables 2011-12 Budget 2011-12 Estimate 2012-13 Budget Total trade throughput (million tonnes)1 4.25 3.87 3.70 Total trade growth1 2% - 10% - 0.04% Berth occupancy rate 45% 40% 40% Customer satisfaction 85% 85% 85% Revenue growth2 11% 5% 2.8% 1 Trade growth decreased due to lower bulk minerals exports mainly reflecting lower commodity prices. 2 Revenue growth reflects the reduction in total trade throughput.