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Budget 2012-2013 Budget Paper No.3 The Budget



Budget 2012-2013 Budget Paper No.3 The Budget

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292 Revenue National Health Reform Agreement (NHRA), this will be replaced by National Health Reform payments (NHR) during 2012-13, when the Commonwealths legislation is enacted. Table 1: Specific Purpose Payments 2011-12 Estimate 2012-13 Budget $M $M National Schools 60.0 60.3 National Skills and Workforce Development 14.0 14.5 National Affordable Housing 31.2 25.6 National Disability1 14.7 15.8 National Healthcare2 151.6 154.2 Total 271.5 270.4 1 Includes budget neutral adjustment. 2 This incorporates National Health Reform Payments in 2012-13. The IGA sets out base funding and indexation arrangements for each SPP as well as the transition to a population-based distribution (the Schools SPP population share is based on student enrolment in government schools). Per capita-based distributions will be achieved for the disability SPP and the NHR by 2013-14 and the remainder by 2014-15. SPPs are included by the Commonwealth Grants Commission (CGC) to determine the GST relativities. Changes in SPP funding associated with the transition to a per capita based distribution will be offset by complementary adjustments to the CGCs relativities. National Partnership Payments In 2012-13, the Territory is estimated to receive $433million in NPPs. This includes NP revenue that has been agreed, with any under negotiation not included until they are agreed. Table 2: National Partnership Payments 2011-12 Estimate 2012-13 Budget Agency $M $M Northern Territory Police, Fire and Emergency Services 48.5 6.1 Northern Territory Treasury 0.2 Department of Business and Employment 7.0 2.8 Department of Education and Training 96.9 94.4 Department of Housing, Local Government and Regional Services 407.9 154.1 Department of Health 92.9 81.6 Department of Children and Families 21.3 9.9 Department of Resources 6.2 1.5 Department of Justice 7.8 4.3 Department of Natural Resources, Environment, the Arts and Sport 4.6 4.1 Department of Lands and Planning 119.0 74.2 Total National Partnership payments 812.3 433.0 Source: Northern Territory Treasury National Partnership Payments were established under the IGA to progress significant reforms or nationally important projects (the Commonwealth and the Territory also provide own purpose funding for a small number of NPs). NPPs are also the funding vehicle for Project Agreements (PAs), simpler form of NPs, which were introduced in 2011 for initiatives which have relatively low funding and are considered low risk. NPPs may be