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Budget 2012-2013 Budget Paper No.3 The Budget



Budget 2012-2013 Budget Paper No.3 The Budget

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Tabled By Delia Lawrie


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297 Revenue 2012-13, the Territory is expected to receive funding of approximately $3.7million under this NP, dependent on the uptake of immunisations. National Partnership Agreement supporting Mental Health Reform This NP was agreed by COAG at its April 2012 meeting. The NP aims to improve outcomes for people with severe and persistent mental illness by addressing service gaps and preventing ongoing cycling through state and territory mental health systems. Nationally agreed priorities include improved services for people who frequently present in crisis to emergency departments and associated services, and enhanced accommodation and support services for people with severe and persistent mental illness, which will be a focus of the implementation of the NP in the Territory. In 2012-13, the Territory will receive $0.9million from the Commonwealth and will also contribute $0.9million to support this initiative. National Disability Specific Purpose Payment The National Disability SPP supports the achievement of outputs and outcomes under the National Disability Agreement (NDA). The NDA aims to enable people with a disability to achieve economic participation and to enjoy choice, wellbeing and the opportunity to live as independently as possible. It also aims to ensure that families and carers of people with a disability are well supported. As a result of the realignment of Commonwealth, state and territory roles and responsibilities for aged care and disability services agreed under the NHRA, an adjustment will be made to the Disability SPP to ensure budget neutrality of the new arrangements from 2011-12 until 2013-14 inclusive. In 2012-13, the Territory expects to receive $15.8million for the National Disability SPP, including $2.4million as the cost neutral budget adjustment. National Partnership Agreement on Transitioning Responsibilities for Aged Care and Disability Services This NP provides the vehicle for funding arrangements to realise the realignment of Commonwealth, state and territory roles and responsibilities for aged care and disability services agreed under the NHRA, for which the abovementioned cost neutral budget adjustment is made. The Commonwealth has assumed funding and policy responsibility for all aged care services for non-Indigenous people aged 65 years and over and Indigenous people aged 50 years and over. The Territory has funding and program responsibility for basic community care services for people under these ages in line with its principal responsibility for the delivery of other disability services under the National Disability Agreement. In 2012-13, the Territory is estimated to receive less funding from the Commonwealth for older people using Specialist Disability Services ($4.8million) than it will need to pay the Commonwealth for aged care services for younger people, with a net negative impact on the Territory of $2.4million (which equals the SPP adjustment). Department of Resources National Partnership Agreement on the Management of the Former Rum Jungle Mine Site The NP on the Management of the former Rum Jungle Site provides for environmental monitoring activities and the development of site management and rehabilitation strategies for the former Rum Jungle Mine Site. The Territory expects to receive $1.5million from the Commonwealth under the NP in 2012-13.