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Budget 2012-2013 Budget Paper No.3 The Budget



Budget 2012-2013 Budget Paper No.3 The Budget

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Tabled Papers for 11th Assembly 2008 - 2012; Tabled Papers; ParliamentNT




Tabled By Delia Lawrie


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317 Glossary National Partnership Agreements National partnership agreements (NPAs) are agreements between the Commonwealth, states and territories with defined objectives, outcomes, outputs and performance measures related to the delivery of projects of national significance or to facilitate reforms. National Partnership Payments National partnership payments (NPPs) are tied Commonwealth grants provided to states and territories to enable them to achieve the outcomes and outputs of a National Partnership Agreement. Outcome Outcomes are expressions of the intended results, impacts or consequences on the Territory community of outputs provided by agencies. Outcomes represent the objectives that the Government is seeking to achieve. Output Outputs are the services provided or the goods produced by an agency for users external to the agency. The Government purchases outputs in order to achieve policy objectives or outcomes. Output Appropriation Output appropriation is provided to fund the delivery of outputs and is determined at the whole of agency level. Output appropriation provides the Governments funding for agency operations after taking into account funding from agency revenue. Although output appropriation is based on accrual costs, it does not encompass non-cash accrual costs, such as depreciation. This will result in deficits generally being reported by agencies. Output Group Output groups aggregate similar or related agency outputs and are applied primarily for reporting purposes. Parameters Parameters are also referred to as inflators and deflators. They are used to develop forward estimate projections. Parameters used to adjust estimates are the Consumer Price Index, wage increases and efficiency dividend. Purpose The Appropriation Act provides the Central Holding Authority with the authority to pay appropriations for Purposes. Purposes are appropriations for output, capital, Commonwealth Appropriation, employee entitlements, interest, taxes, other administrative payments and Treasurers Advance. Repairs and Maintenance Repairs and maintenance works are undertaken to maintain existing assets in working condition. Repairs and maintenance keep an asset functioning at its current capacity and do not enhance the asset significantly or extend its useful life. This is in contrast to capital works on existing assets, which will substantially change or improve the asset through expansion or upgrade. Repairs and maintenance are recorded as operational expenses by agencies. Repairs and maintenance grants may also be provided to non-government entities to enable them to maintain their assets. Specific Purpose Payments Specific purpose payments (SPPs) are grants tied to a government service delivery sector from the Commonwealth Government. An SPP is associated with each of the five service delivery National Agreements (Education, Skills and Workforce Development, Healthcare, Affordable Housing and Disability).