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Budget 2011-12 Budget Paper No.3 The Budget



Budget 2011-12 Budget Paper No.3 The Budget

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147 Department of Children and Families Outputs and Performance Output Group: Children and Families Outcome: Individuals, families and young people are able to maintain social independence and overcome crises, with children protected from harm and able to achieve optimal development. Output Group/Output 2010-11 Budget 2010-11 Estimate 2011-12 Budget $000 $000 $000 Children and Families 134 927 141 029 182 093 Family and Parent Support Services 12 041 16 443 23 167 Child Protection Services 31 134 37 630 51 347 Out of Home Care Services 42 423 41 097 49 744 Youth Services 14 654 16 577 17 956 Family Violence and Sexual Assault Services 34 675 29 282 39 879 Key Variations The increases in the Children and Families output group across 2010-11 and 2011-12 are due to additional funding to implement the Board of Inquirys recommendations on the child protection system, including a total of $24.5million of Territory funding and $6.1million in Commonwealth funding by 2011-12. The increases also reflect additional funding in 2011-12 of $4.55million as part of the Territorys five-year Closing the Gap program, and additional funding relating to the establishment of the new Secure Care facilities. Family and Parent Support Services Assisting individuals and families to minimise harm, strengthen capacity and achieve wellbeing and independence. This includes the provision of financial and homelessness crisis services, parenting and family support services, and progressing policy priorities to advance the economic and social standing of Territory women. Key Deliverables 2010-11 Budget 2010-11 Estimate 2011-12 Budget Crisis support days provided1 240 000 270 500 270 500 Clients accessing crisis support services1 3 250 3 300 3 500 Forums, workshops and consultations for womens advancement2 39 74 60 Grants issued for International Womens Day activities3 $30 000 $30 000 $20 000 Scholarships for women issued 3 3 3 1 Projection based on prior year data for homelessness only. Information is sourced from SAAP National Data Collection Annual Report 2008-09 as more recent data is under embargo. 2 Now includes participation and facilitation in cross government, national and international forums and workshops. Increase in 2010-11 is specifically related to Centenary of International Womens Day. 3 2010-11 allocation increased for Centenary of International Womens Day.