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Preliminary report on a survey of Utricularia (Lentibulariaceae) in the Howard River – Shoal Bay area



Preliminary report on a survey of Utricularia (Lentibulariaceae) in the Howard River – Shoal Bay area


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Appendix 1. A Synopsis of Utricularia species occurring in NT Utricularia arnhemica P.Taylor Type: c. 65 km NE of Pine Creek, N.T., P.Taylor 17156 (K: holo; CANB, DNA, L, MEL, NSW, NT, PERTH: iso.) Distribution: endemic to N.T., occurring on the western Arnhem Land plateau, in adjacent parts of Kakadu NP and Nitmiluk NP. Habitat: on sandy stream banks and beds, or on seepage areas on sandstone in water a cm or two deep. Flowering: mostly Feb. - June. Abundance: relatively common within its limited range. Proposed IUCN category: LC. Utricularia aurea Lour. Type: Vietnam. Distribution: India to Japan and Australia (W.A., N.T. Qld, N.S.W.); widespread in the Top End. Habitat: free-floating aquatic; in lagoons and billabongs. Flowering: Jan.-Sept. Abundance: common. Proposed IUCN category: lc. Utricularia australis R.Br. Type: Australia, N.S.W., between Hawksbury and Paramatta, R.Brown s.n. (holo: BM.). Distribution: Europe, Africa, Asia, Australia (most states except Qld); in NT known from Arafura Swamp. Habitat: free-floating aquatic; in billabongs Flowering: May, July. Abundance: rarely collected in NT Proposed IUCN category: dd(a). Utricularia bifida L. Type: China, Guandong, on the Danish island off Canton, Osbeck s.n. (holo: LINN; iso: C.). Distribution: India to Japan and Australia (tropics); in NT known from Kakadu NP Habitat: attached; associated with sandstone country in damp sand besides flowing water. Flowering: Jan.-July. Abundance: common within a restricted range. Proposed IUCN category: lc Utricularia caerulea L. Type: Ceylon, Hermann s.n. (holo: BM.). Distribution: Madagascar to western India, Japan and Australia (W.A., NT, Qld, northern NSW); widespread in the Top End. Habitat: In water a cm or two deep on organic and sandy substrates in permanently wet, boggy areas associated with spring-fed streams or in damp sand near flowing water. The small flowered, white form occurs on seepage areas in wet, open sedgeland, grassland or woodland on sandy or lateritic substrates during the wet season. Flowering: Most Months. Abundance: relatively common in the Top End. Proposed IUCN category: lc. Notes: Two forms of this species complex are known in the NT. One is a taller herb with many mauve flowers crowded towards the apex of the inflorescence; the other is a short herb to c. 10 cm tall with few, small white flowers. In NT, intermediates between the two forms are not recorded. Utricularia capilliflora F.Muell.