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Preliminary report on a survey of Utricularia (Lentibulariaceae) in the Howard River – Shoal Bay area



Preliminary report on a survey of Utricularia (Lentibulariaceae) in the Howard River – Shoal Bay area


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Flowering: Feb. - May. Abundance: common in sandstone areas, rare in Darwin Region. Proposed IUCN category: lc. Utricularia dunstaniae F.E.Lloyd Type: Howard River, N.T., N.Holtze 1340 (MEL: holo; BM, K, NSW: iso.). Distribution: endemic to northern W.A. & N.T.; in NT in McMinns Lagoon area (but apparently no longer extant there), two localities on Howard River Floodplain, W margin of Adelaide River floodplain, one locality near Jabiru. In W.A., known from a single record from North Kimberley. Habitat: in wet sand or on sand in shallow water with Dapsilathus, prefering slightly wetter microhabitats than U.capilliflora. Apparently prefers sandsheet areas that continue to seep water until longer in the dry season than do other species. Flowering: Mar.(near Jabiru); Apr. - May (near Darwin). Abundance: rare. Proposed IUCN category: e(b,1,2;d) Utricularia foveolata Edgew. Neotype: India, N.Bengal, Titalya, S.Kurz (CAL) Distribution: widespread in the Old World tropics from west Africa to Australia (NT, Qld); known only from a few locations near Jabiru in NT. Habitat: seasonally wet grassland. Flowering: Mar. Abundance: rarely collected in NT Proposed IUCN category: dd(a) Utricularia fulva F.Muell. Type: NT, near Macadam Range, F.Mueller (holo: MEL; iso: K.). Distribution: endemic to the NT; Arnhem Land Kakadu, Nitmiluk NP, Litchfield NP, Fitzmaurice River area. Habitat: in or at the edges of stream beds on sand or sandstone substrates. Flowering: Mar. - Oct. Abundance: common Proposed IUCN category: LC Utricularia gibba L. Type: U.S.A., Virginia, Clayton s.n. (holo: BM.). Distribution: pantropical, also extending into temperate areas; widespread in the Top End. Habitat: aquatic; often intertwined with dead organic matter at edges of lagoons and billabongs. Flowering: Apr. Oct. Abundance: common. Proposed IUCN category: lc. Utricularia hamiltonii F.E.Lloyd Type: near Adelaide River [probably Koolpinyah], N.T., Holtze 1161 (MEL: holo; BM: iso.). Distribution: endemic to N.T.; Fitzmaurice River to Maningrida; Koolpinyah (W margin of Adelaide R floodplain), mid to upper Howard River floodplain, McMinns Lagoon [probably no longer extant], c. 77 km E of Mary River. Habitat: Wet sandy swamps with Dapsilanthus and Melaleuca nervosa, usually in water to a few cm deep. Flowering: Feb.-May. Abundance: relatively common in the Darwin Rural area. Proposed IUCN category: NT. Utricularia holtzei F.Muell.