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Budget 2013/14 Northern Territory Economy



Budget 2013/14 Northern Territory Economy

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Defence 193 Northern Territory Economy Project Total Estimated Expenditure Cumulative Expenditure 30June 2012 2012-13 Estimate $M $M $M RobertsonBarracks Redevelopment 72.1 47.8 0.4 RobertsonBarracks electrical reticulation system upgrade 43.0 4.9 32.0 Facilities for Replacement Towed Artillery (LAND 17) 0.2 4.4 RAAF Base Darwin Redevelopment Stage 2 48.7 45.2 0.7 Heavy airlift capabilitypermanent facilities 44.3 1.7 Source: Department of Defence Defence capital expenditure on major capital facilities projects in the Territory is anticipated to decline from an estimated expenditure in 2011-12 of $54.4million to $39.2million in 2012-13, reflecting the winding up of major projects including the RobertsonBarracks Redevelopment and the RAAFBase Darwin Redevelopment Stage 2. The RobertsonBarracks redevelopment commenced in 2009, with completion scheduled for mid-2013. The project comprises: redevelopment of RobertsonBarracks, which will provide new and upgraded facilities for training, emergency response, workers accommodation and equipment support; the LAND 907 facilities project, which is now complete, provides parking for heavy tank transport vehicles and workers accommodation for other tank support services; and the Hardened and Networked Army facilities project, which will provide additional workers accommodation and other support facilities. This project will provide RobertsonBarracks with a reliable high voltage electrical distribution system that is capable of meeting current and future demands. Construction commenced in late 2011 with completion scheduled for mid-2013. This project will provide new and upgraded facilities to support the introduction of new lightweight towed artillery guns at RobertsonBarracks. Construction commenced in 2011-12 and is expected to be completed during 2013. This project provides new and upgraded facilities including fuel farms and workshops. Construction commenced in late 2010 and is now complete. This project provides new cargo facilities suitable for heavy lift aircraft in Darwin. Construction commenced in 2008 and was completed in late 2009. Remedial work was undertaken to repair defects with this work completed in late2012. Table 15.2: Defence Major Capital Works Projects in the Territory, 2012-13 Darwin RobertsonBarracks Redevelopment Darwin RobertsonBarracks Electrical Reticulation System Upgrade Facilities for Replacement of Towed Artillery (Land 17) Darwin RAAF Base Darwin Redevelopment Stage 2 Heavy Aircraft Capability Permanent Facilities