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Annual Report 2011/2012 Radiographers Board of the Northern Territory



Annual Report 2011/2012 Radiographers Board of the Northern Territory

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REGISTRATION MANAGEMENT Current registration with the Board was a pre-requisite for practising as a radiographer in the Northern Territory until 30 June 2012. Under the Health Practitioners Act, registrants were required to hold an annual practicing certificate, which unless otherwise determined, expired on 30 September each year. Registrants were required to renew their registration annually. Practitioners whose names are removed from the register due to non-payment of the renewal fee by 30 September 2011 had 30 days to pay and be restored to the register. After this period of time practitioners were required to reapply for registration. Registration requirements were set out in Part 3 of the Act. Applicants for registration could be granted interim registration by the Registrar or full or conditional registration by the Board. The Board had the power to refuse applications for registration, if the Board was not satisfied that the applicant was entitled to registration. In 2011 the Board determined to extend the due date for renewal of registration to 30 November 2012 (providing registrants with 14 months of registration), so as to coincide with the renewal date for medical radiation practitioners which was to apply under the National Law. The names of all practitioners on the Register as of 30 June 2012 were transitioned to the National Register of Medical Radiation Practitioners on 1 July 2012, enabling these registrants to practise their profession anywhere in Australia. Their registration continued to be valid until 30 November 2012 when they were required to renew their registration under the National Law. REGISTRATION STATISTICS The total number of registrants at 30 June 2012 was 218; comprising of 202 registrants with full registration and 19 registrants with conditional registration. Of the 19 registrants with conditional registration, thirteen (16) had conditional registration to work under supervision whilst completing their postgraduate development year (PDY) and of these eight (8) were undertaking their post graduate year in the Northern Territory, before being eligible for full registration. In comparison, at the same time the previous year (30 June 2011) there were 136 registrants; comprising of 129 with full registration and seven (7) with conditional registration. The number of radiographers registered (with and without conditional registration) in the NT increased as a result of radiographers residing in jurisdictions where registration was not required seeking registration to ensure a smooth transition to the National Register as of 1 July 2012. New Registrations HPA* MR A* TTMRA* 56 7 3Registration 16 0 0 "HPA - Health Practitioner Act; MRA - Mutual Recognition Act, TTMRA - Trans Tasman Mutual Recognition Act Renewals and Restorations Names removed from the Register due to non-payment of the annual renewal fee as at 1 October 2011 27 8Names restored to the Register by 31 October 2011 Radiographers Board of the Northern Territory Annual Report | 2011/2012 Page | 7