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Annual Report 2011/2012 Professional Standards Councils



Annual Report 2011/2012 Professional Standards Councils

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Tabled Papers for 12th Assembly 2012 - 2016; Tabled Papers; ParliamentNT






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2 Professional Standards Councils Annual Report 2011-12 A u S tR A li A n C A P it A l te R R it o R y | n e w S o u th w A le S | n o R th e R n t e R R it o R y | Q u e e n S lA n d | S o u th A u S tR A li A | t A S m A n iA | V iC to R iA | w e S te R n A u S tR A li A Cover of exCellenCe SChemeS 25 How do Cover of Excellence schemes work? 25 What are the steps to apply for a Cover of Excellence scheme? 25 The balance between limited liability and consumer protection 26 Implementation of associations risk management plans 26 How do Cover of Excellence schemes help protect consumers? 26 What does mutual recognition of schemes mean? 27 How does the Commonwealth Government prescribe Cover of Excellence schemes? 27 COmpLIaNCe repOrtINg ON rISk maNagemeNt 29 COMpLIANCe repOrTINg NATIONAL ASSOCIATIONS 30 AuSTrALIAN CApITAL TerrITOry SuMMAry dATA 33 Compliance reports by associations 34 NeW SOuTh WALeS SuMMAry dATA 35 Compliance reports by associations 38 NOrTherN TerrITOry SuMMAry dATA 44 Compliance reports by associations 45 QueeNSLANd SuMMAry dATA 46 Compliance reports by associations 47 SOuTh AuSTrALIA SuMMAry dATA 49 Compliance reports by associations 50 TASMANIA SuMMAry dATA 51 Compliance reports by associations 51 VICTOrIA SuMMAry dATA 52 Compliance reports by associations 54 WeSTerN AuSTrALIA SuMMAry dATA 57 Compliance reports by associations 58 FINaNCIaL aNd StatUtOry repOrtINg FOr the prOFeSSIONaL StaNdardS COUNCILS Consolidated financial performance extract 2011-12 59 The prOfeSSIONAL STANdArdS COuNCIL Of The AuSTrALIAN CApITAL TerrITOry 62 Constitution of the Council 62 Major legislative changes 62 Risk management and internal audit 62 Public interest disclosure 62 Freedom of information 62 Organisation and functions 63