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Annual Report 2011/2012 Professional Standards Councils



Annual Report 2011/2012 Professional Standards Councils

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40 Professional Standards Councils Annual Report 2011-12 A u S tR A li A n C A P it A l te R R it o R y | n e w S o u th w A le S | n o R th e R n t e R R it o R y | Q u e e n S lA n d | S o u th A u S tR A li A | t A S m A n iA | V iC to R iA | w e S te R n A u S tR A li A It is not known how many, if any, of those notifications reported will evolve into a claim. The Association believes that one reason for the increase in the number of notifications is the fact that barristers are more aware of their obligations to report, even in instances that are not likely to result in a claim; for example, where they are experiencing difficulty obtaining payment from a client. Disclosure of limited liability and use of Cover of excellence trademark In August 2011, the Association randomly audited 10 members and asked them to provide samples of documents on which they had used the disclosure statement. The Association selected another five members who had advised they were using the Cover of Excellence trademark and asked them to supply samples of documents where they were used. All 15 members responded. Although there were variations in the use of the disclosure statement, the Association is satisfied that all members who were audited are now complying with the terms of the disclosure statement, as prescribed. The audit also highlighted variations in the use of the trademark and, as a result, an article was written for its newsletter, In Brief, to remind all members of disclosure requirements of the above. Information technology professionals Australian Computer Society The Australian Computer Society (ACS) reported, as below. Continuing professional development In 2011, the ACS introduced and/or rolled out CPD opportunities for its members, which included: an email-based program to warn members if they were in danger of losing their computer professional (CP) status if they had not registered their completed CPD hours risk management education for members so they can maintain their certified CP status an online ethics test for all certified members a self-assessment tool so that members can readily identify areas where their skills need boosting. Complaints data The ACS reported that it did not receive any complaints about its members during 2011 and there were no disciplinary procedures brought before the Committee. Trends in professional indemnity During 2011, the ACS mandated insurance requirements. Members joining the scheme and on annual renewal will have to provide documentation supporting their PII. ACS has met the requirement for all policies, which have been referred to an insurance broker to ensure they meet criteria. monitoring of claims There was no mention of any claims made against ACS members in the 2011 report. Disclosure of limited liability and use of Cover of excellence trademark The ACS is carrying out ongoing education on how members should use the Cover of Excellence trademark. In so doing, members were provided access to an online page that advised the requirements. The ACS intends carrying out an audit to ensure members comply with the requirements. Engineers engineers Australia (nSW) The Engineers Australia compliance report for 2011 covers all Australian States and Territories. For more on the associations risk management and compliance strategies which are the same for each jurisdiction see the section on Cover of Excellence schemes. Separate information is maintained for each State and Territory on CPD, as below. Continuing professional development Engineers Australia reported that it held CPD events in Sydney, Newcastle and regional NSW areas, with nearly 12,165 attendees at 198 sessions.