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Annual Report 2011/2012 Professional Standards Councils



Annual Report 2011/2012 Professional Standards Councils

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65Professional Standards Councils Annual Report 201112 funds will be distributed to the four successful associations throughout 2012-13. CONSuLTANTS Any costs incurred by hiring consultants during the reporting period are detailed in the Consolidated Financial Performance Extract. OVerSeAS TrAVeL There was no overseas travel in the reporting period. LANd dISpOSAL The Professional Standards Council of NSW and the OPSC do not own properties, nor were properties acquired or disposed of during the reporting period. pubLICATIONS ANd prOMOTION The Professional Standards Council of NSW produces a variety of publications to facilitate improvements in the professions and to support consumer protection. Publications produced during 2011-12 were: Professional Standards Council: Combined Annual Report 2011-12 Star Grants Program: Expression of Interest 2010 (brochure). CONSuMer reSpONSe During the reporting period, the Council and the OPSC did not receive any consumer complaints or suggestions. rISk MANAgeMeNT ANd INSurANCe ACTIVITIeS The risk management and internal audit practices of the Council and the OPSC are described elsewhere in this annual report. eThNIC AffAIrS prIOrITIeS STATeMeNT (eApS) The staff of the OPSC and the services it provides are governed by the NSW DAGJ Ethnic Affairs Priority Statement and the Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Communities (CALD) Access Plan. All NSW DAGJ services are accessible to CALD communities with the availability of translators and interpreters. WASTe MANAgeMeNT The OPSC staff are governed by the NSW DAGJ Environment Policy, which demonstrates a commitment to reducing the effect of our operations on the natural environment. NSW DAGJ also has in place a Sustainability Policy. The Council and OPSC have continued to comply with these policies and assist to limit the impact of their operations on the environment. For example, Council papers for regular Council meetings were produced on 50 per cent recycled paper, printed double sided, and in most cases lengthy addenda are provided to Councillors electronically only. Councillors all now receive their papers in electronic format only, thereby virtually eliminating the use of paper and print processing. Promotional materials such as the annual report are produced on 55 per cent recycled paper, only the required number of reports is printed and the report is available on the internet. fINANCIAL perfOrMANCe The Professional Standards Council of New South Wales is not responsible for compiling financial statements. The OPSC is responsible for ensuring the collection of revenue and operating within budget. During the reporting period, the OPSC undertook these tasks. Refer to the Consolidated Financial Performance Extract of the Professional Standards Councils at the beginning of this section, for revenue of the Professional Standards Council of NSW and the proportion of expenses for this Council. F in a n c ia l r e p o r t s