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Annual Report 2011/2012 Professional Standards Councils



Annual Report 2011/2012 Professional Standards Councils

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68 Professional Standards Councils Annual Report 2011-12 A u S tR A li A n C A P it A l te R R it o R y | n e w S o u th w A le S | n o R th e R n t e R R it o R y | Q u e e n S lA n d | S o u th A u S tR A li A | t A S m A n iA | V iC to R iA | w e S te R n A u S tR A li A ThE PROFESSIONAL STANDARDS COUNCIL OF QUEENSLAND CONSTITuTION Of The COuNCIL Due to a lack of quorum from 31 December 2011, only two Queensland Council meetings were convened during the last financial year. Listed below are the number of meetings that the Professional Standards Council members were entitled to attend and those that they attended. Table 22: Meetings of the Professional Standards Council of Queensland members Council meetings entitled to attend Council meetings attended Esther Alter 2 2 Robert Beaton 2 2 Julie Cameron 2 1 Terry Evans 2 2 Ronald Farrell 2 2 Tom Karp 2 2 Joanne Metcalfe 2 2 Madeleine Ogilvie [retired 31/12/11] 2 2 Hugh Plaistowe 2 1 Brian Rayment QC 2 2 Tiina-Liisa Sexton [appointed 31/1/12] 0 0 Martyn Hagan [deputy member for Tasmania] 0 0 Iain Summers 2 2 MAjOr LegISLATIVe ChANgeS There were no amendments to the Professional Standards Act 2004 (Qld) within the reporting period. rIghT TO INfOrMATION repOrTINg The Right to Information Act 2009 (Qld) grants a right of access to persons to obtain information in the possession or control of the Government, unless it is contrary to public interest to do so. The Council, via its website, actively publishes information about its work. Annual reports of the Council are available on the website, as is information about the role and operations of the Council. Consultation notices for new Cover of Excellence schemes are published on the website as well in the newspaper. Also, once a scheme becomes operational in Queensland, the scheme document and summary are made available on the website for public access. The Council publishes policy and discussion papers on its website, as well as application forms and application guidelines for Cover of Excellence schemes. The Professional Standards Council of Queensland did not receive any requests under the Right to Information Act 2009 (Qld) in the reporting period. INfOrMATION prIVACy Section 40 of the Information Privacy Act 2009 (Qld) provides that a person has a right to access documents which contain their personal information. Council does not hold nor collect personal information. Councils decisions to approve Cover of Excellence schemes are made by consideration of an associations individual application, independent actuary advice