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Annual Report 2011/2012 Professional Standards Councils



Annual Report 2011/2012 Professional Standards Councils

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71Professional Standards Councils Annual Report 201112 CATegOrIeS Of dOCuMeNTS The Council holds several categories of documents, as follows: Documents freely available on request and without charge. These are available on the Councils website at www.psc.gov.au. Specifically, these include: annual reports the scheme application form policy papers application guidelines scheme document. Documents that are exempt under the Freedom of Information Act 1991 (SA), and all other kinds of documents that may be available under the Act. Personal information is not held or collected by the Council. Decisions of the Council to approve Cover of Excellence schemes are made by consideration of an associations individual application, independent actuary advice and within the confines of the legislative requirements of schemes. A copy of the application form required to be completed by associations, along with application guidelines, can be accessed on the website of the Council at www.psc.gov.au. A large amount of information is requested of associations when completing an application for a scheme. This information includes insurance data about the level and nature of claims, insurance data from the previous 10 years concerning the highest claims and types of claims, risk management strategies of the association, education and other qualification requirements, Cover of Excellence and codes of conduct and ethics. The Professional Standards Council of SA has a computerised records management system and databases that record certain details of applications, submissions and correspondence. Arrangements can be made to inspect documents available under the Freedom of Information Act 1991 (SA) by contacting the OPSC between 9.00 am and 5.00 pm from Monday to Friday (public holidays excepted). The Council did not receive any applications for the access of documents (initial requests) during the reporting year. The Council did not receive any applications for the internal review of its decisions. CONSuLTANTS Any costs incurred by hiring consultants during the reporting period are detailed in the Consolidated Financial Performance Extract. pubLIC INTereST dISCLOSure The Council is required to disclose the number of occasions on which public interest information has been disclosed to it or a responsible officer of the Council under the Whistleblowers Protection Act 1993 (SA). There were no such disclosures during the reporting period. OCCupATIONAL heALTh ANd SAfeTy dISCLOSure There were no work related injuries during the reporting period nor illnesses or prosecutions. The OPSC staff are governed by the OHS policies and practices of the NSW DAGJ. fINANCIAL perfOrMANCe The audited financial statements of the Professional Standards Council of SA are attached as an addendum to this report. For an unaudited statement of the revenue and expenditure of this Council, refer to the Consolidated Financial Performance Extract of the Professional Standards Councils at the beginning of this section. F in a n c ia l r e p o r t s