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Annual Report 2011/2012 Professional Standards Councils



Annual Report 2011/2012 Professional Standards Councils

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75Professional Standards Councils Annual Report 201112 ThE PROFESSIONAL STANDARDS COUNCIL OF WESTERN AUSTRALIA CONSTITuTION Of The COuNCIL Listed below are the number of meetings that the Professional Standards Council members were entitled to attend and those that they attended for Western Australia (WA). Table 26: Meetings of the Professional Standards Council of WA members Council meetings entitled to attend Council meetings attended Esther Alter 5 5 Robert Beaton 5 5 Julie Cameron 5 3 Terry Evans 5 4 Ronald Farrell 5 4 Tom Karp 5 3 Joanne Metcalfe 5 5 Madeleine Ogilvie [retired 31/12/11] 2 2 Hugh Plaistowe 5 4 Brian Rayment QC 5 5 Tiina-Liisa Sexton [appointed 31/1/12] 3 2 Martyn Hagan [deputy member for Tasmania] 1 0 Iain Summers 5 4 MAjOr LegISLATIVe ChANgeS No major legislative changes were made to professional standards legislation during 2011-12. AdVerTISINg The Professional Standards Council of WA did not incur advertising expenditure under the Electoral Act 1907 (WA). pubLIC SeCTOr STANdArdS ANd eThICAL COdeS The Professional Standards Council of WA did not have any compliance issues arising from the public sector standards and WA Code of Ethics during the reporting period. reCOrd keepINg pLANS Under the WA State Records Act 2000 (WA), each government entity is required to have a record keeping plan which is to provide an accurate reflection of the record keeping program within the entity. Annual reports must address: whether the entitys record keeping systems have been evaluated or when an evaluation is proposed the nature and extent of any record keeping training whether the training has been reviewed assurances that the entitys induction program addresses employee roles and responsibilities. Sound record keeping practices underpin good governance. In accordance with the requirements of the State Records Act 1998 (NSW), the Councils record keeping system (maintained by the OPSC, within the NSW DAGJ and based in NSW) ensures the accurate storage, capture and retrieval of documents. OCCupATIONAL heALTh ANd SAfeTy There were no work related injuries during the reporting period nor illnesses or prosecutions. The OPSC staff are governed by the OHS policies and practices of the NSW DAGJ. fINANCIAL perfOrMANCe The reporting of audited financial statements and key performance indicators (KPIs) for the Professional Standards Council of WA is attached as an addendum to this report. For an unaudited statement of the revenue and expenditure of this Council, refer to the Consolidated Financial Performance Extract of the Professional Standards Councils at the beginning of this section. F in a n c ia l r e p o r t s