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SATURDAY JULY 29 2017 INSIGHT 25 V1 - NTNE01Z01MA Morton continues towatch the royalfamily, and notes, although disagrees with, press reports this month comparing her to Prince Williams wife, Catherine. The comparisons are meant as a compliment, after thousands turned out to see Catherine and press flowers and gifts upon her at public events in Germany and Poland. Poor old Kate has always been compared with Diana, he says. Shes very different. Her and Prince William act much more as a team (than Charles and Diana), and she married into the royal family a decade older than Diana did. Shes effectively lived with William for seven or eight years and she was introduced very gently into the royal family, unlike Diana who was thrown in the deep end and expected to swim. Morton believes the new approach with Catherine is as a result of the changes Diana forced after staking out her position through his book and her Panorama interview. These are the lessons the royal family learned, he says. The updated book has a slightly different headline, with in her own words added to the cover to make Dianas involvement in the story clear. I have always said Diana: Her True Story is not a balanced portrait in that there is no Prince Charles voice, Morton says. And he says he was totally blindsided to later discover Dianas several affairs. I only worked out later, working backwards through the timings, that she was getting involved with Oliver Hoare while she was sitting there, talking about her life, he says. I had my hands full I suppose, proving the relationship between Camilla and Charles, and the eating disorders, and the suicide attempts. I never said they (Charles and Camilla) had an affair, as the libel lawyer said to me, Were you in the room at the time? He was the one who advised me to use the phrase secret friendship. Morton recalls writing themes down for his coconspirator Colhurst under topics, such as Charles, or wedding day, and waiting to see what would come back after Colhurst had sat down with Diana at Kensington Palace. They had been friends for many years and his presence at Kensington Palace did not raise suspicions, as Mortons would have done. James was kind of helping a friend (Diana) out of a tight spot, he says. There was a kind of casualness about the whole thing. He was very protective of her, very concerned to look after her welfare. But he also understood that she was at the end of her tether. He says the tapes and the information they provided very much depended on the mood she was in. But she often talked about the past her childhood was pretty difficult as well. ellen.whinnett@news.co.uk She is a fascinating character and no one has been able to replace her A N D R E W M O R T O N HAPPY FAMILIES: Charles, Diana and their baby son, William (far left) during a photo session at Kensington Palace in 1982; Diana with a young Harry and William (centre); and (main) Charles kisses Diana on the balcony of Buckingham Palace after their wedding in 1981. Pictures: Lord Snowden/AP COMMEMORATIVE MAGAZINE SERIES SEVEN TO COLLECT STARTS TOMORROW IN YOUR THE DIANA LEGACY