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The Northern Territory news Sat 29 Jul 2017

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SATURDAY JULY 29 2017 OPINION 27 V1 - NTNE01Z01MA YES, ITS REAL. MEET NIFTY, NEW ADELAIDE RIVER BOSS CROC WHAT A MONSTER!!! Jason Warn Beast mode. Aaron Rich Whooooohohohoho, hes a big bugger, lol. Mike Rountree I think your gunna need a bigger boat! Brad Madgwick Looks even bigger than Bru tus! Hes the one with the missing leg! Michelle South Our tour guide said that there were 2 Alpha males in the river and we got to see both of them so its possible its this one.. he looks like he has been in a fight - he has blood on him. Sherrilee Walsh Thats actually insane. Talisa Quirk Bwhaha, the new croc on the block. Hartley JohnstonClarke Jesus, looks even bigger than the time we went!! Rachael Farrell Holy crap!! No freaking wonder, its a monster. Emma Dimasi Just remember that its not our Northern Territory, its their Northern Territory :) Trent Lewis Classic NT headlines. Lisa Maree He must have a lot of girlfriends. Shannon Smith Its head looks about the size of our bodies.. not scared at all!! Kate Johnson OMG. Glad we didnt meet him. Wendy Hirth Come for a swim Southerners?! Paul van Deventer Wow, I think I would have fallen out of the boat if he had jumped up along side us. Paula Brown Cant wait to get a job at the NT News. Ella Smith Nooooooo!!! OMG why is that tour guide smiling?? I would be fearing for my life... haha. Lizzie Butcher Id want to be in a Bigger boat. Krystal Jane Frost Its for real if those people stay close to this monster and eat them..scary picture. Georgina Canete I cant believe the size of it. Jesse Spittle OMG. Kate Hussey I miss the NT. Debbie Smith Gravener SEE MORE COMMENTS BELOW ON POLLIES What a contrast between the principled Green senators who stepped down immediately, accepting full responsibility for their innocent mistakes, and the National and One Nation senators who are still protesting their innocence and refusing to resign. Very illustrative of the difference between the parties. Dont feel sorry for a careless dual national pollies,the law was designed to thwart a potential Manchurian candidate .Get your own house in order before entering the house ,dead simple. Mark hey Barnaby Joyce yes honest mistakes do happen but only to your mates right ? Pistol n Boo I hope nobody notices that our head of state, Queen Elizabeth the second, not only has dual citizenship but lives in another country! No one is above being questioned, Kezia. Take a chill pill and act like a grown up, let alone the Speaker of the NT Parliament. C.J Since clearly the media runs elections in this country, how do they handle criticism? Im interested to know what the terms of the grant were, like, wasit actually designated to the youth conference or did someone in treasury fail to en sure it was earmarked for the right thing. If its money spent on ayouth conference, not personal use, Id like to know what the bloody fuss is about? Kezia Puric ON OTHER THINGS Re Ms Phan, WW van Holthe partner comments that Katherine local member Sandra Nelson is a dumb refugee. Ms Nelson 40 yrs in Oz vs Ms Phan 2 years. People in glass houses should not throw stones Ms Phan. Toni, Katherine Re: Letters to the Editor - Look after Seniors. Well said, Unhappy Senior. Ol Witch, Jingili Christopher Pyne wants Australia to sell military vehicles over seas. If we cant pruduces holdens & fords for our own market how can we compete on the world stage with war vehicles? Logical thinker Why do people have to conduct business meetings ect in public cafes. Sat at a cafe in city yday and listened to a loud mouth woman yelling into a microphone looking at a lap top. Same thing happened today in Cannons kitchen in Berrimah. Perhaps you should consider where you are people and your audience. And the fact that your conversations are far from private or confidential. I wish to thank the very honest person who handed in my handbag which I left on a trolley at Casuarina village, I was having a stressful day, much appreciated. YES But we only use it if it feels hot and muggy. KERRIE HAY, WATERFRONT YES Only in the late afternoons though. YVETTE PARK, FANNIE BAY YES We set it to 24 overnight because its still muggy. BRAD OBRIEN, MUIRHEAD Speak Up: Have you used your aircon this dry season? YES We have it on overnight on eco mode. KAMA MIZZI, MUIRHEAD LETTER OF THE DAY Enough of dual citizens duels A PERSON in most cases cannot renounce a dual nationality simply by saying so. OK, there are nations that have no renunciation mechanism in those cases it seems one may unilaterally renounce, but better have good legal advice for it to stand in law. I renounced my British nationality years ago, a very simple process but believe me they make super damned sure you are a national of somewhere else before they agree. Citizenship and birth certificates in the original, plus whatever else you have for evidence. Without documentation they will not proceed for fear of unlawfully rendering you stateless. No ifs or buts. It stretches credulity that one can acquire the citizenship of a first-world country without an exhaustive, lengthy, costly legal process, just ask people trying to get an Australian citizenship! Senators Canavan and Roberts plus the other pollies out there with a sweat on are neatly hoist on their own political petard; better they quit with dignity as did Waters and Ludlum. Dont feel sorry for these pollies they get paid stunningly well, their daily expenses are more than most of us earn let alone the bloated salary and fat pension. Due diligence and total commitment is a fundamental politicians duty. We expect more for our money than this behaviour. Mark, Howard Springs YES Just in the bedroom. JAYNE LLOYD, LYONS Electra Srbinovski, 15, and Jill The Goat from Taminmin High enjoy some time at the Royal Darwin Show Picture: GLENN CAMPBELL PICK OF THE PICS

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