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The Northern Territory news Tue 18 Jul 2017

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18 OPINION TUESDAY JULY 18 2017 NTNE01Z01MA - V1 Register your pooches, please THERE are thousands of barking-mad dog owners out there who havent registered their dogs. Its cheap, easy to do, and it means if Rover is found wandering the streets, the council will give you a courtesy call before selling him off to another family. Barely a day goes past without the phone ringing at the NT News with someone wanting a hand finding their lost pooch. A lot of these phone calls could be avoided if everyone paid the $25 or so per year to register their dogs with the council. The NT News on Monday revealed the results of a recent study showing dog attacks are more of a problem in the Territory than in any other place in the country. Many of those dogs, the study suggests, are strays. Combined, the figures paint a grim picture as far as responsible pet ownership goes in the Territory. In Wagait a year or so back, a resident was shocked to see a dog chase and maim a kangaroo into in her front yard. The dogs owner arrived and, without apologising to the property owner, put the kangaroo into the basket on his bicycle and rode off. Unfortunately, such irresponsible pet ownership is commonplace. It doesnt help matters that theres likely thousands of wild dogs on Darwins outskirts. Often, its the wild dogs which injure or chase away domestic pets, but owners stand a better chance of getting their dog back if they do the right thing and register their dog. When Litchfield council first flagged introducing dog registration there were howls of anger from some owners. Many, the figures show, are still stubbornly refusing to register their dogs. ... and another thing The rumour mill is buzzing because the wonderfully talented Jessica Mauboy is heading home to Darwin for a month. Jess has always made it clear how important family is to her so coming home is just what you would expect from this humble and unpretentious singer and actor. Will she or wont she be getting married? If she does we wish her every joy because she deserves it. If she doesnt, we wish her a fabulous time during our glorious Dry season. Well always be proud of you, Jess. Lagoon the go LETS have a San Alfonso Del Mar Crystal Lagoon-style Resort and Apartments in the Territory. There have been a number of major Crystal Lagoon Pools and Resorts built in warmer-climate locations. There is one being considered for Townsville. Why not build one in Darwin? An NT version could have a Crystal Lagoon Pool at a similar size to San Alfonso Del Mar, with resorts and apartments built around it. The NT has the ideal weather conditions for this and it could attract visitors from around Australia and abroad. It could also attract people who would like to buy an apartment at such a resort. A resort of this kind could attract strong interest from developers around Australia and Asia, and it could be mostly privately-funded. The NT Government should call for an Expression of Interest for interested developers. If the NT had a major Crystal Lagoon Resort it would create hundreds of new jobs and be a major local economic boost. It would be a great boost for tourism for the NT and for Australia overall. Malcom Webster, Vic No one listens HOW did we ever get here, after two years of meetings and protests by at least 80 per cent of the residents of The Gar dens suburb and other concerned Darwin people, on the contentious Blake St development? None of these people are against development, but it should be appropriate and not at the cost of the long-term Territorians lifestyle. Not only do most of the residents oppose this, but also Darwin Council, the government architect and even Dennis Burke, head of the DCA, dmitted it was a nightmare street and suburb to drive through and park in, because of the congestion. How will it possibly work with a third more people? The minister who once stood next to us at the protests before the election has abandoned the people of The Gardens, stating she cannot interfere as it might send a message to other developers. What about the message to the people who are already living here? Not only will their lifestyle be affected, but also the value of their investment in their homes. Was the threat of legal action by the developer the real reason why this was approved? And if so does that then open the flood gates for any devel oper to override the wishes of the people? Carol Phayer, Candidate for Darwin Council Mistakes aplenty ONE of the bad results of having our 9 News read in Brizbin (sic) is that place names will be mispronounced and, since Darwin has a high number of transient residents, theyll be none-the-wiser and soon mispronunciation will reign supreme. As Nazi propaganda minister Joseph Goebbels supposedly said, tell a lie often enough and it becomes the truth. Or was that just propaganda ... Name and address withheld We need Nine CHANNEL Nine News Darwin, please dont sell out and move down south, we need you here. Nine News has been there for Territorians, through good and bad times. Unique stories from the Territory such as crocodiles turning up unwelcome, local political news, weather reported from Mindil Beach, the Beer Can Regatta. Channel 9 News has been there for the hard times all the cyclones, Katherine floods, Peter Falconio, TIO Bombing. The NT has plenty happening locally and uniquely. Nine News Darwin can claim a Guinness Book of Records for the only station that has Send In Your Fish Photos & Win A Fishermans pack. I never watch Channel 7 News all from Victoria, little to no Darwin local news. Last year my cat Ramessees starred on the news, at the end of the 2015-2016 wet season, being the hottest on record. It was so hot I had to get Ramessees shaved twice, at the vets. He had heat stress before, so the vet recommended shaving him, the only way possible was under sedation. Please stay in Darwin. If its money problems Im sure local businesses can sponsor. Shutting down local news will be like the NT News being taken over by The Sydney Morning Herald, no local news and no Wicking! Please listen to locals. We need a local news station. Kerrie Sullivan, Gray System down OMG! Two youths charged over an armed robbery on Tuesday were out on bail. Whod have thought that was possible? Im shocked the system may not be working. Alan, Stuart Park Letters to the editor should be kept to 250 words or less. Send your letters to GPO Box 1300, Darwin, 0801, or email ntnmail@ntnews.com.au You must include your name, home address or PO Box number. Name and address will be withheld on request. The NT News reserves the right to edit letters. Responsibility is taken by the Editor. 10 YEARS AGO: More than five years of writing songs has paid off for Joel Territory Boy Roe. Roe, from Darwin, has released his first album Territory Boy. And this is one hip hop album that has a true Territory flavour. It is hip hop, but with more of a storyline, Roe, 25, said. It has a bit of piano and a mix up of songs and vocals. 20 YEARS AGO: Territorians have been snubbed in a plan to install 400 easy-claim Medicare terminals in outback Australia. The terminals are for towns that do not have Medicare offices. Every NT centre applied for the easy-claim service, but missed out as the first 115 were announced. 25 YEARS AGO: The Power and Water Minister, Mr Fred Finch, has accused the Territory MHR, Mr Warren Snowdon, of trying to sell southern ideas to Territorians. His latest caper is to circulate a brochure that lists helpful hints on water conservation, Mr Finch said. Join our Let's Make the Territory Greater campaign and email your ideas to news@ntnews.com.au and put "Let's Make the Territory Greater" in the subject line. We'll take your ideas to councils as well as the Territory and federal governments. The NT News wants to hear your ideas to make the Territory GREATERLets make the territory