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Northern Territory of Australia Remuneration Tribunal Report and Determination of the Entitlements No.1 of 2017 Local Court Judges



Northern Territory of Australia Remuneration Tribunal Report and Determination of the Entitlements No.1 of 2017 Local Court Judges

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9. Since Report and Determination of No. 1 of 2008 the Tribunal had, for a variety of reasons, found that it was desirable that there be precise relativity between Local Court Judges' base remuneration and Supreme Judges' base remuneration and determined that the relativity be set at 77.25%. This relativity has been arrived at after consideration of a number of factors,, including the level of Judicial Officers' remuneration in other similar jurisdictions. This nexus should be maintained in future Determinations, unless there are unusual circumstances. 10. Northern Territory Supreme Court Judges' remuneration is determined by reference to Federal Court Judges' remuneration and their remuneration has increased effective from 1 January 2017. The Tribunal is of the view that there are no unusual circumstances and the nexus of 77.25% is still appropriate. Therefore, Local Court Judges' annual salary will be increased in line with that of the Judges of the Supreme Court. 11. The Determination continues to provide a subsidised rental, subject to certain conditions, for Local Court Judges who have been directed to relocate to Katherine. The contribution to be paid by a Local Court Judge remains at $310 per fortnight. 12. Local Court Judges are entitled to six cylinder motor vehicle, but for a variety of reasons this is no longer necessarily appropriate. The variety of 4 cylinder motor vehicles now available is extensive and many are superior quality vehicles. It is no longer appropriate that Local Court Judges appointed in the future be entitled to a six cylinder motor vehicle and the Determination reflects this whilst still allowing six cylinder motor vehicles for existing Judges of the Local Court so that there is no diminution of existing entitlement. 13. Local Court Judges are currently entitled to one relevant overseas conference subject to the endorsement of existing Chief Local Court Judge, and the approval of the Minister. The Tribunal now considers that the overseas travel for Local Court Judges appointed in future should be restricted to the Biennial Criminal Lawyer's Conference in Ball. Dated: 2 i July 2017 ../ / - / lA^^.. {^\ /--' y. -<-v. Michael Martin OAM-^ 'John Flynn AM Chairperson _^ Member Report and Determination No. 1 of 2017 on the Entitlements of Local Court Judges Page 3