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Debates Day 4 - Tuesday 9 May 2017



Debates Day 4 - Tuesday 9 May 2017

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DEBATES Tuesday 9 May 2017 1626 We are listening to the communitys concerns regarding crime and antisocial behaviour and we are acting on it. In the Katherine region there is $8m for a new fire and emergency services precinct. We listened to the communitys needs. The Member for Katherine lobbied hard for this announcement in the Katherine region. Not only are we delivering on legislation, we are delivering for the police officers on the beat so they can support each other. We are providing certainty. If police know they will get the numbers through the training academy they can provide the allocation of resources where they see fit. I pick up on the comment made by the Member for Spillett in regard to ice. We acknowledge that ice is a serious challenge across the country, including the Northern Territory. We believe that Territorians are entitled to control over their lives and need access to high-quality services. As a government we are continuing to implement the NT Ice Action Plan and we are ensuring rehabilitation services are provided across the Northern Territory. The member spoke about visiting Banyan House; we have a number of community-based providers. I enjoyed the opportunity to visit those onsite and talk to the staff about the important work they provide in helping Territorians get their lives back on track. Madam Speaker, as you would know, the Ice Select Committee conducted an inquiry into ice use in the Northern Territory and reported back in November 2015. The Ice Action Plan, called Tackling Ice in the Northern Territory, was launched by the previous government in February 2016, along with a website: www.breaktheice.nt.gov.au. We have continued Ice Action Plan because, as a parliament and a community, we need to tackle these measures together. We know the horrors of the impacts of ice on individuals, families, friends and loved ones. We want to continue this plan because it is good work that people in our hard-working public service have delivered on. The plan contains whole-of-government and agency-specific activities to reduce the supply, demand and harms of ice. The plan is being driven by a standing committee to form a whole-of-government coordination. We saw legislative changes in this House at the end of 2015. We continue to invest in a range of government and non-government services to provide withdrawal treatment and support for a range of substances, including ice. We know the harm that drug and alcohol abuse causes in our community. There is a mix of residential, rehabilitation, outpatient and outreach services, with a focus on counselling, harm prevention approaches, supporting withdrawal and relapse prevention. Helping people overcome a substance abuse problem is difficult, but the extent of relapse is significant. It is important to provide support so there is no relapse. Withdrawal and community care guidelines have been established to assist community and private practitioners in managing dependence. We are also focused on supporting young people to avoid drugs and have the skills to say no to drugs. Education resources have been developed to assist school staff and parents to talk with young people about the harms of drugs, increase community understanding of the effects of drugs use, targeting those most at risk, and improve access to telephone information, counselling and follow-up services. The Department of Education is working hard on a whole-of-system approach to positive behaviour and wellbeing. We can engage with our very young children about healthy choices, eating healthy, getting enough sleep and looking after themselves from a young age. Then as they grow up and face challenges they can use those skills. Funding has been allocated from the Australian Government in response to the National Ice Taskforce final report. The NT Primary Health Network has been provided funding to commission alcohol and other drug services to build capacity for community treatment for ice and other drugs in the Northern Territory. This is important legislation allowing states and territories to work together. We need to give police the tools they need and the court system access to these resources. This legislation provides for that. The Justice and Other Legislation Amendment (Australian Crime Commission) Bill 2016 provides for amendments consequential to the merger of the Australian Crime Commission and CrimTrac. CrimTrac is referenced in various Northern Territory acts and regulations. I will talk about the consequential amendments that are therefore proposed to the following acts and regulations: http://www.breaktheice.nt.gov.au/