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9.1 The Board’s Strategic Directions 2016-2020 May 2016



9.1 The Board’s Strategic Directions 2016-2020 May 2016

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The corporate risk profile developed by Power and Water management, summarised in Figure 4.2 and included in the 2016 Statement of Corporate Intent, acknowledges the issues that exist with business performance and operating capability. Figure 4.2: Corporate risk profile Almost certain E -0 0 0 a> .at Likely D Possible c Unlikely Rare A Insignificant 1 The Board acknowledges that the majority of these 'Very High' risks can be seen as 'business as usual' activities which should be under the control of the Board and management. Residual Risk Medium Minor 2 Medium Medium 00 Very High a High 0 High Moderate 3 Major 4 Extreme 0 0 G Very High 0 Severe 5 Risk ID Risk Description Key risk mitigations 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 Crisis management Public safety Staff and contractor health and safety Environmental management Water quality/waste management Fuel supply management Legal and regulatory compliance Information technology, SCADA and communications Project and contract management Terrorism, security and vandalism Capacity and capability Supply of core services Financial management Corporate image and reputation Competition Stakeholders Established Crisis Management Plans and Committees Safety Management and Mitigation Plan Safety Management System Environmental Management System Drinking Water Quality Management System Recycled Water Management System Waste Discharge Licence program Fuel Contracts for long term fuel supply agreements, backup fuel supply Compliance Strategy and Programs ICT Strategy Project Management Framework Security Management Function, barriers at high risk sites Workforce planning framework and training plans Asset management framework Financial processes and controls Public relations and brand strategies Under development into a new risk category post structural separation Stakeholder engagement strategy Category 15 is under development post structural separation and is not included in the heat map. THE BOARD'S STRATEGIC DIRECTIONS 2016-2020 16