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5.1 Department of Health Answers to Written Questions



5.1 Department of Health Answers to Written Questions

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Tabled Papers for 12th Assembly 2012 - 2016; Tabled Papers; ParliamentNT




Tabled by Robyn Lambley


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IT SI LEGISLATIVE ASSEMBLY OF THE NORTHERN TERRITORY progress to meet operational requirements. o Amendments to the Mental Health and Related Services Act commenced on 22 October 2012. The Act provides for short term involuntary admissions into the Tier 1 service for stabilisation and assessment where the person does not meet the criteria for involuntary admission on the grounds of mental illness. o The Tier 2 disability Secure Care group home in Alice Springs (Kwiyernpe House) is currently operational. An unfit to plead disability client transferred from Alice Springs Correctional Centre in April 2013. An additional unfit to plead client is undertaking day release from Alice Springs Correctional Centre and is due to transfer in June 2013. o The Tier 2 disability secure care group home in Darwin (Yirra House) has been used for respite for an unfit to plead client from a remote Indigenous community. It has also been used for day release for two unfit to plead clients from Darwin Correctional Centre. Yirra House will now be dedicated to children and youth services and operated by the Department of Children and Families. o The group homes provide a secure environment with 24/7 supervision and support that ensures the safety of both clients and the community. Comprehensive clinical assessment, case management and interventions are designed to decrease high risk behaviours over time and prepare clients to transition out of the service. o Clients admitted into the group home will be subject to a Treatment Order made by the Local Court or a Supervision Order made by the Supreme Court. Legislation allows for eligible clients subject to a Supervision Order under Part IIA of the Criminal Code to be admitted into the service where the Chief Executive, Department of Health issues a Certificate of Service to the Supreme Court. o Due to the complexity and risk profile of the client group, admission of residents into the group homes will be gradual over the first six to 12 months of operation. This will ensure sound client transition, integration between policy and practice as well as staffing and program model alignment. Palmerston Hospital / Top End Hospital Scoping Study The Northern Territory Government will make a decision about future hospital needs for the next 30 years, to ensure that any investment meets the needs of Territorians now and into the future. To that end, the Health Minister has directed the Department of Health to undertake further scoping work that will include consideration of: o future hospital and health needs across the Top End including Palmerston for the next 30 years; o updating previously undertaken population demand modelling based on 2011 census data that predicts increased population growth, compared to previous data; o development of a clinical services plan that considers the role of a Tertiary Hospital as part of a hospital network across the Top End; o development of a capital infrastructure plan that considers required investment and staging over this period; o expansion of health services delivered by private providers, including the enhancement of private elective surgery capacity, and the attracting of a range of private health care providers to the Northern Territory; responses to expected demand for allied health, rehabilitation and outpatient services;o and development of a redundancy and disaster plan, to ensure that the developed networko