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5.1 Department of Health Answers to Written Questions



5.1 Department of Health Answers to Written Questions

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LEGISLATIVE ASSEMBLY OF THE NORTHERN TERRITORY WRITTEN QUESTIONS TEMPLATE - ESTIMATES HEARINGS 2013 QUESTION NO WQ: Office Use Only DATE SUBMITTED 3 June 2013 TO PORTFOLIO Health BUDGET OUTPUT 3.1 Community Treatment and Extended Care Alcohol and Other Drugs FROM QUESTION WQ 0.43 / 6.2 Full details on alcohol related admissions, presentations and separations for all hospital emergency departments. Development of alcohol related harms indicators The Department of Health is developing health outcomes measures for ongoing monitoring of the impact of alcohol on the health of Territorians. These measures are being developed in consultation with Professor Tanya Chikritzhs from the National Drug Research Institute. The two measures to be introduced are: o rates of alcohol attributable admissions to Northern Territory public hospitals, and o numbers of alcohol related presentations to the Emergency Departments of Northern Territory public hospitals. Alcohol attributable hospital admissions are those admissions that are either wholly or partially a result of alcohol consumption. Examples include those obvious conditions such as alcoholic pancreatitis and alcoholic gastritis as well the partial contributions of alcohol to chronic diseases including cancer and diabetes. A limitation to the measure is a delay of about six months after an admission during which period the admission information is validated and coded before being suitable for reporting. Rates of alcohol attributable admissions will be reported every three months, and will be reported by region (Top End and Central Australia) and Indigenous status. Alcohol related ED presentations are those conditions which are known to be highly correlated with excess alcohol consumption. The most common alcohol related ED presentations are acute alcohol intoxication and assault. The use of ED presentations as a measure for alcohol harm, requires careful interpretation. The association of alcohol with any particular event may involve a significant level of subjective judgement and a medical diagnosis such as a fracture, may not be obviously associated with alcohol. There are also significant seasonal and event related variations in alcohol related ED presentations. The number of alcohol related ED presentations will be routinely reported every three months, for each hospital, along with the total number of ED presentations. The two alcohol related harm measures will be reported in the 2013/2014 financial year._________________