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Questions Day 6 - Thursday 15 May 2014



Questions Day 6 - Thursday 15 May 2014

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Parliamentary Record 12


Questions for 12th Assembly 2012 - 2016; ParliamentNT; Parliamentary Record; 12th Assembly 2012 - 2016




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QUESTIONS Thursday 15 May 2014 740 We will back our departments and our staff who work for the Northern Territory government to invest, analyse and make recommendations and decisions about how these things go forward. We will also maintain the political impartiality in the process and the decisions. If people are CLP, Labor or Greens members, whichever they may be, they all have an opportunity to participate in good governance, business or whatever they may choose to do in the Northern Territory. We do not take positions like Labor does in regard to how things occur or what the outcomes may be in the Northern Territory. You are trying to defame as many people as you can. You have just defamed Bethany Maley, who was a Labor advisor under your government. To what end will not defame people in this Chamber. We are now two days after one of the best budgets the Northern Territory has ever seen, a budget that will grow the Northern Territory for our childrens future, and you cannot ask one question about the budget. Mr GUNNER: A point of order, Madam Speaker! Standing Order 113: relevance. The question was not about the budget but whether he will hold an inquiry into water licence allocation. Mr GILES: That is exactly right, and that was my point; it is not about the budget. It is not about how we are growing the Northern Territory. It is not about where we are investing. It is not about the largest amount of road funding in the Northern Territorys history, opening the country, opening the regions and remote areas, building important strategic roads in the Northern Territory. Ms LAWRIE: A point or order, Madam Speaker! Standing Order 113: relevance. Quite specifically, this is a call for an inquiry into the granting of water allocation licences. Madam SPEAKER: Thank you, Opposition Leader. Mr GILES: I have said no. There will be no enquiry because I back the public service. I back the bureaucracy and I back the people who work for us to drive reform and change in the Northern Territory. I back the people who work in Education, building our school system. I back the people who work in Corrections, looking after our inmates and trying to get people working. I back those who work in Health and mandatory alcohol rehabilitation to get peoples health back on track. I back those in Sport and Tourism to grow sport and tourism in the Northern Territory. I back those in Community Services, building our community services, supporting homelands and supporting investments in Parks and Wildlife. I back those who work in Primary Industry, Land Resource Management, Fisheries and Mining, because they know we are a government with a plan for delivering for the Northern Territory. We support bureaucracy. We support transparency and accountability, unlike Labor. Ms WALKER: A point of order, Madam Speaker. Standing Order 113: relevance. This is a question about an inquiry into water allocations, not just from the opposition but from traditional owners Mr GILES: You can come in here slander and defame as many people as you want. You can slander and give a bad name to the 20 000 public servants. Members interjecting. Mr GILES: We won on this side of the Chamber, and for the member for Nhulunbuy, who wants to come in here with her little interjections Members interjecting. Mr GILES: ask a question about the future in Nhulunbuy and stand up for your electorate. Madam SPEAKER: Honourable members, it is the last day of two weeks of sittings. However, Standing Order 51 states: No Member may converse aloud or make any noise or disturbance which in the opinion of the Speaker is designed to interrupt or has the effect of interrupting a Member speaking. I like to hear the question and the answer. Opposition members, cease interjecting, government members cease interjecting also. Chief Minister, you have the call. Mr GILES: I have finished thanks, Madam Speaker. Bush Infrastructure Upgrades Mr HIGGINS to MINISTER for COMMUNITY SERVICES Can you please correct the record on what this government is doing to upgrade bush infrastructure? ANSWER Madam Speaker, I thank the member for Daly for his question. We are proud of the budget delivered by our Treasurer. We are building for the Territory and we have a plan, despite the information being peddled by those opposite.