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Questions Day 4 - Tuesday 28 October 2014



Questions Day 4 - Tuesday 28 October 2014

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QUESTIONS Tuesday 28 October 2014 867 between school holidays and other events around the Territory at the same time. It also fits in with Fathers Day, which is very important to note. It is designed to be a family event, particularly for kids, where there is an opportunity for motor enthusiasts to showcase their vehicles in Central Australia, and to encourage tourism through people coming from around Australia to support the local economy. That is very important. At the same time, we are also very keen to announce today for Darwin motor sports fans in particular, member for Blain that the Aussie Racing Cars series will now feature as a support category at next years SKYCITY Triple Crown V8 Supercars event to be held from 19 to 21 June at Hidden Valley. Seeing the Aussie Racing Cars as part of the line-up at the V8s will be quite exciting. No doubt the CFMEU workers will love to see those cars going around too, as they turn up to run building site interventions in the construction industry in the Northern Territory. Sprinkle a bit of asbestos fairy dust over the fence and call for work to stop on a site to try to put pressure on businesses to donate money to the Harold Nelson Holdings slush fund which funds the unions, which then fund Labor for every election campaign. There is always a question about whether we should support the Aussie Racing Cars coming to the V8s. We know they will be a red rag to the bull of the CFMEU to come here and sprinkle some more fairy dust over the fences of building sites in the Territory to lodge a blackmail claim against businesses in order to put money towards the Harold Nelson Holdings slush fund, which goes into the Labor Party to fund election campaigns ... Mr McCARTHY: A point of order, Madam Speaker! Mr GILES: I am finished. Mr McCARTHY: Standing Order 113: the Chief Minister has failed to deliver an inquiry into all political donations. Madam SPEAKER: That is not a point of order, member for Barkly. You are on a warning for the misuse of standing orders. Terry Mills and Graeme Lewis Removal from Positions Mr VOWLES to CHIEF MINISTER Leaked e-mails from Foundation 51 director, Graeme Lewis to then Chief Minister, Terry Mills, reveal that at least $200 000 was funnelled from the slush fund into the 2012 CLP election campaign. This donation has never been declared on electoral returns, a clear act of criminality. This scandal has brought your entire government into disrepute and is the subject of an investigation by the AEC and NTEC. Why have you kept Graeme Lewis as Chair of the Darwin Waterfront Corporation and on the Top End Hospital Network Governing Council, where he earns $127 000 per year? Is it the same as Terry Mills staying in his $750 000 taxpayer-funded Jakarta gig? Why have they not been sacked? Is it because you have way too much to hide? Mr ELFERINK: A point of order, Madam Speaker! The question clearly has an inference, in breach of Standing Order 112, and should be redrafted. Madam SPEAKER: Member for Johnston, if you could just withdraw that last five or six words, please. Mr VOWLES: Okay Terry Mills staying in his $750 000 taxpayer-funded gig. Why have they not been sacked? ANSWER Madam Speaker, there were about 400 questions in there. I will see if I can get through a few answers without interjections. Firstly, Terry Mills is not on $750 000. The $750 000 was to help set up the office as well as provide his salary. Secondly, I will not be venturing into the public service to sack anyone, unlike Labor with the hit list it clearly started to outline last week. The third point: there are two investigations going on in the Northern Territory right now by the Northern Territory Electoral Commission and the AEC. The fourth point: Foundation 51 is constituted under federal law and it is only appropriate the federal government, through the AEC, has a good look at it and should be able to make the determination. On that point, it has always been thought, as I am led to believe, that Foundation 51 considers itself not to be an associated entity, unlike Harold Nelson slush fund Holdings, which takes money forcibly from building sites to the unions, Harold Nelson Holdings and Labor. I understand in recent days that Foundation 51 may have lodged a return for 2014 and a late return for 2013. I have not seen it, but am advised that may be the case. I am sure that will be public on a website sooner rather than later. Moving through some of the other points of the question I cannot remember what the points were