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Questions Day 4 - Tuesday 28 October 2014



Questions Day 4 - Tuesday 28 October 2014

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Parliamentary Record 15


Questions for 12th Assembly 2012 - 2016; ParliamentNT; Parliamentary Record; 12th Assembly 2012 - 2016




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QUESTIONS Tuesday 28 October 2014 868 Ms LAWRIE: A point of order, Madam Speaker! To assist the Chief Minister without Standing Order 113: relevance. Why have you kept Graeme Lewis as Chair of the Darwin Waterfront Corporation and on the Top End Hospital Network Governing Council a total of $127 000 a year? Madam SPEAKER: It is not a point of order, sit down, Opposition Leader. Chief Minister, you have the call; he has time to answer the question. Mr GILES: Thanks very much for reminding me of some of the other questions. We also left your mum on the Place Names Committee. There are many people on committees in the Northern Territory. If you want to start targeting individual people on committees you are going to a new low point in parliament, Leader of the Opposition. Ms Lawrie: You are a grub. Madam SPEAKER: Opposition Leader, please withdraw that. I heard it. Ms LAWRIE: I withdraw. It is a new low ... Madam SPEAKER: That is all you need to say. Chief Minister, you have the call. Mr GILES: You are attacking people publicly here. Last week you attacked Ms Lawrie interjecting. Madam SPEAKER: Opposition Leader, I remind you, you are on a warning. Mr GILES: Last week you personally attacked John Coleman, Tim Baldwin and Gary Barnes, and you are personally attacking certain Tiwi Islands people. You are now personally attacking Graeme Lewis for being on a board providing governance. We throw back one of the Labor appointments and you do not like it ... Mr GUNNER: A point of order, Madam Speaker! Standing Order 113: concise. Can you ask the Chief Minister to come to the point? Madam SPEAKER: Chief Minister, if you could answer the question. Mr GILES: You had a thousand questions in a question. If you interjected with more questions I would be happy to answer them. There are two ongoing investigations. We will see what they come up with. A late return has been put in by Foundation 51, and that is up to the Northern Territory Electoral Commission to deal with. It has nothing to do with me, the same as Foundation 51 has nothing to do with us. Madam SPEAKER: Chief Minister, your time has expired. Daniels Law Sex Offender Register Mrs FINOCCHIARO to ATTORNEY-GENERAL and JUSTICE This month you announced the Northern Territory would introduce Daniels Law and become the first jurisdiction in the country to introduce an online public sex offender register. Can you please update the House on some of the feedback you have received since making this groundbreaking announcement? I have received positive feedback from my constituents, who welcome the courage of this government in being the first jurisdiction to have a public sex offender register. ANSWER Madam Speaker, in the early 1990s in Queensland Brett Peter Cowan coaxed a child into a lavatory and raped that child. Upon his release from gaol he moved to the Northern Territory and, whilst living in the area of the Palms Caravan Park, coaxed another child away and raped that child so profoundly and intrusively the child was lucky to escape. Brett Peter Cowan returned, upon his release from gaol, to Queensland, where he then abducted and murdered Daniel Morcombe. These monsters, unfortunately, exist in our community. They are the lowest of the low and strike fear into the hearts of women and parents everywhere. As a parent, I certainly fear them and fear for the welfare of my own child. The Northern Territory government has determined, after Attorneys-General nationally stepped away from a national public online sex offenders register, to go it alone and introduce a public online sex offenders register in the Northern Territory, so parents and women will be able to find out who these monsters are and where they live in the community. They will be named, photographed and there will be identifying material so parents and women in our community know who these people are. I understand there are many people who feel this is a retrograde or negative step, but 40 000 people have placed their names against the Daniel Morcombe website announcement, people have passed on that announcement by way of forwarding or sharing those entries on the website in the number of 10 000, and 3100 comments have been made, almost exclusively positive, about the Northern Territorys steps in this direction. This government is committed to protecting, as far as we possibly can, the women and children who