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Questions Day 3 - Thursday 8 May 2014



Questions Day 3 - Thursday 8 May 2014

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Parliamentary Record 12


Questions for 12th Assembly 2012 - 2016; ParliamentNT; Parliamentary Record; 12th Assembly 2012 - 2016




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QUESTIONS Thursday 8 May 2014 706 Mr GILES: It is true. Ms Lawrie: What are you hiding? Mr GILES: What am I hiding? You are the person Mr TOLLNER: A point of order, Madam Speaker! The Opposition Leader made an unparliamentary comment. I would like her to withdraw it. Madam SPEAKER: My apologies, member for Fong Lim, I did not hear any untoward remarks. Mr GILES: As I said, these are fantastic statistics, Territory wide, assaults are down 19% for the quarter year on year. The full statistics will be out next week, and I look forward to ensuring the Territory is aware of how well things are going in the Northern Territory. Foundation 51 CLP Mr McCARTHY to CHIEF MINISTER Chief Minister, on Tuesday in the House you stated: We have an open and transparent process and, when we get to election, people hold us to account for the decisions we have made Given we now know that you regularly spoke to Graeme Lewis about the operations of Foundation 51, can you explain to the House what he meant when he said, referring to you: he is well disposed to having the Foundation continue its activity, with the wall between the entities currently, fixed in place. If there is no legal connection between Foundation 51 and the CLP as you claim, why would there be the need for a wall in place? ANSWER Madam Speaker, I will go to the same answers I have already given. Firstly, I will not accept the premise of the question, particularly the first half of it. For the second component, Foundation 51 is a private company, as I have said before. If you want to ask them questions, ask them; if you want to ask Graeme Lewis, the director, ask Graham Lewis. It is none of my business what they do, they run their own operations. If you want to ask a question about the party, ask a question about the party. Education Investment Ms FINOCCHIARO to TREASURER Can the Treasurer confirm if his budget will deliver investments in our schools and the education system that will help secure our childrens future? ANSWER Madam Speaker, I thank the member of Drysdale for her question. As a Palmerston member of parliament she is very interested in education, because it is a very fast-growing city and has growing pains keeping up with demand. It is a good question. To secure our childrens future we need a good education system to deliver bright and confident young Territorians equipped with knowledge and skills to participate in northern Australian development. Before I talk about the budget, there is a fundamental difference between this government and the previous government, in that we are focused on outcomes. We are not necessarily focused on spending the money. That was the case with the previous government, where we saw money going more and more into education, but outcomes getting poorer. I pay tribute to our Education minister for his courage in changing that direction. He has done it against a lot of resistance from the other side. In relation to Palmerston, the budget continues to recognise the importance of school infrastructure, and there is in excess of $100m in educational facilities, specifically in Palmerston: $37m for the next two stages of the preschool and primary school in Zuccoli; $1.2m for expanding preschool facilities at Rosebery; and $20m for a new special school in Bellamack. The Country Liberals have always been at the forefront of delivering education facilities where needed, and this budget will be no different. We have a very proud tradition in that area. As well as investing in bricks and mortar, we are backing parents and securing our childrens future with assistance and increasing the popular Sport Voucher Scheme by an additional $5m. That equates to going up from $75 to $200. I thank the member for Greatorex, the Sports minister, for his great efforts in that regard. This initiative will ease the burden on families and allow more activities. We have now included dance, music lessons, the arts, cultural pursuits and swimming lessons.