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Debates Day 4 - Tuesday 30 October 2012



Debates Day 4 - Tuesday 30 October 2012

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Debates for 12th Assembly 2012 - 2016; ParliamentNT; Parliamentary Record; 12th Assembly 2012 - 2016




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DEBATES Tuesday 30 October 2012 266 did not want it on that site; however, if you read the debate on 18 August 2009, the move to build it on a different parcel of land was defeated by both sides of parliament. I find it strange that this particular notice went up on someones fence. Another strange thing is there was no CLP logo attached to it, but the person who wrote the authorisation was P Allen 2/228 McMillans Road Jingili NT, which happens to be the headquarters of the CLP. Someone did not bother to put his name on it, or at least make it clear that is who put it up. I was peeved that someone did not have the courage to say who they were. It is a bit rich to say how great it is to have a $340m contract for a workers village and then tell me, and everyone publically on the side of the road, You voted for me and look what you got which is basically saying what a mess. If you looked at the documents - a media release that called me a village idiot along with Mr Henderson - which said: The Henderson government and independent member for Nelson need to explain why proper planning processes appear to have been abandoned at the proposed Howard Springs INPEX workers village. That was just rubbish. I have had continual meetings with INPEX and JKC about these issues and people who have never been out there before turn up at a meeting and say: Residents are outraged at the lack of consultation surrounding the proposed changes and the fact that Gerry Wood and the Henderson Labor government appear to be missing in action. The only reason they did not see me is because they were not out there. This is what they say: The Labor government, in association with Gerry Wood, appears to have given developers INPEX and JKC carte blanche to change what they want from the plan that was originally given development approval. I do not know whether Sean Kildare read that, but that is not a pat on the back to INPEX and JKC. However, I know those companies, in consultation with me and the community, did much work to ensure the development of that camp caused as little disruption as possible. However, there was disruption. We lost all the trees, we had dust and it was and still is a major issue for the people in the area. This media release even contained things that were not true. It said the candidate Judy Cole said: ... the enclosed sewerage holding tank could result in sewage seeping into the water table or the Howard Springs during the wet. It said: There are also concerns held at the smell of raw sewage from about 2500 workers leaking through the breather pipes and having a seriously detrimental impact on the amenity of residents. I do not want to guess too much, but the member for Braitling was at that meeting; it was good to see him turn up for a meeting there. I know in Alice Springs you have breather pipes on sewerage but you do not have them in the Darwin area. You do not have leaking sewage pumping stations because this pumping station is exactly the same as all those through Darwin and Palmerston. If this one is faulty then we have a lot of trouble right through the suburbs of Darwin. There were many things said. I do not mind if people have a go at me, but the underlying theme through this was that the government was not happy with INPEX. I raise that issue because now they are meeting with the Japanese, which is good,, but they should be reminded they were not exactly out there praising them and wishing them all the best. Anyway, it is water gone past now, but it should at least be recorded. One of the other issues in relation to all of this development - INPEX, the abattoirs, and some of the other projects that are coming on - is how we increase Indigenous employment. The matter that concerns me Mr GUNNER: A point of order, Mr Deputy Speaker! I move that the member for Nelson be granted an extension of time pursuant to Standing Order 77. Mr DEPUTY SPEAKER: I just want to point out that the clock has stopped running, so you have one minute left, member for Nelson. Mr ELFERINK: A point of order, Mr Deputy Speaker! To assist the House, generally when the clock runs in the last minute the point of order is called. Have we come to the end of time? For the sake of the peace of the House, I move that honourable members allow an extension of time under Standing Order 77, and we will ignore the fact that the clock ran down before someone noticed. Motion agreed to. Mr WOOD: Thank you, member for Port Darwin. I will be quick.