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Debates Day 4 - Tuesday 30 October 2012



Debates Day 4 - Tuesday 30 October 2012

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DEBATES Tuesday 30 October 2012 271 goes to the nature of the person whose is making the allegations. Madam Speaker, I seek leave to table the statutory declaration of Samuel John Higgins. Leave granted. Mr ELFERINK: I go back to a second statement from Preston Higgins, who talked about the period he spent at the Palumpa booth during the 2012 election. Mr Higgins says he was with the now member for Daly during this time. It was a short time at Palumpa - and we are now talking about the Palumpa booth specifically and he said: ... and did not hear him verbally abuse or carry on to a person at the location. In fact Gary was very himself and spoke when spoken to. Gary attended the Palumpa Store with me to get some drinks for the trip to Port Keats. We then left Palumpa to Port Keats prior to the polling booth opening, as Gary had to attend a funeral at Port Keats. At no point did Gary abuse or call names or say any derogative comments towards any person at Palumpa That is from Preston Higgins. I seek leave to table that document. Leave granted. Mr ELFERINK: Madam Speaker, finally I come to a statutory declaration made by a fellow by the name of Ken James. Ken James is of Unit 3/62 Kalymnos Drive in Karama. He relates a circumstance I suspect may have been the circumstance which led to the complaint being made to the Leader of the Opposition. Madam Speaker, I will table this in a second. Basically, there was an exchange of some sort. The reason I am not sure this is actually the exchange being complained about is it is so substantially different as to raise a question as to whether we are talking about the same issue. However, it says, Gary Higgins was approximately five metres from me when I heard Gary tell that person - and that person was making certain suggestions about the CLP being behind the intervention - this was at the only Palumpa booth during that election campaign as I understand it. That person was basically repeating falsehoods, at which point the member for Daly said something to the person which is nothing like the allegation made by the Leader of the Opposition. The member for Daly at that stage accused that person and said, you are talking shit. That is the colloquialism that was used. Then as soon as that was said, the person who was two metres from me, turned around towards Rob Knight and yelled out at the top of her voice, Rob, Gary just called me a ... and then used the c word which we all know. This was very loud and in front of about 10 or so community women who were walking in to vote. Rob Knight was a bit in shock and there were a number of voters around. The person, who is not named, had just yelled this bad word out. Mr James heard Knight say, shush, shush, go and write it down. At no stage did he hear Gary Higgins say the c word and he was looking at him whilst this exchange was going on. Madam Speaker, I seek leave to table the statement from Ken James. Motion agreed to. Madam Speaker, these people are prepared to be named. The allegations made by the Leader of the Opposition are about unnamed people supported by unnamed witnesses, so-called witnesses, and if the Leader of the Opposition has any courage, she will leave this place and make this allegation outside the House and see what flows from it. Ms FYLES (Nightcliff): Madam Speaker, tonight I acknowledge that last Friday was World Teachers Day and I would like to take the time to acknowledge the fantastic work of our teachers, particularly in my electorate. I have a number of schools: St Pauls Primary School, Nightcliff Primary School, Essington School, the Northern Territory Open Education Centre, and the Greek School. Teaching is an extraordinary occupation. The efforts of our teachers are amazing. You cannot be late; you have a classroom of students waiting for you. You cannot be unprepared as they will quickly work this out, and you cannot pop out for a quick coffee or visit the bathroom as you have this classroom of students you are responsible for. It was lovely to take the opportunity to thank our teachers and school staff for the effort that they put in. Each year, World Teachers Day is celebrated in October and I know that many of my colleagues here would have a tradition of taking cakes and a morning tea to the schools but I thought it would be nice tonight to speak and acknowledge my schools and the staff. Nightcliff Primary School has over 500 students. It is a beautiful school spread over gorgeous grounds. The middle school is amazing. I had the privilege of touring the school in recent weeks and meeting with the staff. It is a fantastic school leading the way with technology. The Essington