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Debates Day 4 - Tuesday 30 October 2012



Debates Day 4 - Tuesday 30 October 2012

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Debates for 12th Assembly 2012 - 2016; ParliamentNT; Parliamentary Record; 12th Assembly 2012 - 2016




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DEBATES Tuesday 30 October 2012 273 still very serious incidents. This intersection is the main access to three schools: Humpty Doo Primary, St Francis of Assisi and Taminmin College. It also is an access area into playgroup areas and the shopping centre and churches in the rural area. Two students and a teacher from Taminmin were involved in one collision, and a Humpty Doo student was involved at the other collision. This intersection is also the main access point to a light industrial area, emergency services, shops, a medical centre and residential land. Where there is a reasonable amount of seniors and retired people living. We, the Student Representative Council of Taminmin College Senior School, are concerned for the safety of students and members of the public at this intersection. There has been an increase of traffic along this highway, and the stretch from this intersection to the Humpty Doo Hotel is a well-known busy spot. Only last year, our community was shocked by the shattering death of a student who had just completed Year 12. She was killed in a crash in this dangerous stretch of road. After the recent alterations to this intersection ... which is Freds Pass Road and the Arnhem highway ... it has been noticed that the adjustments cause impairments to visibility when turning out of Freds Pass Road at peak times. The students suggest that the Department of Transport investigate the feasibility of ... installing traffic lights at the Freds Pass Road and Arnhem Highway intersection, similar to the upgrades to the Stuart Highway and Arnhem Highway lights and the new traffic lights on Jenkins Road, which were done in preparation for increased traffic from the INPEX project and the construction of the city of Weddell. We also strongly recommend a reduction in speed for this section or possibly installing merging lanes for the traffic joining the highway. The Freds Pass Road upgrade has been ineffective and needs to be reexamined. We hope you will give this matter the urgent attention it requires. Yours cordially The Student Representative Council Taminmin College Senior School. It is a busy intersection and the Arnhem Highway is busy. Not only is there residential traffic, there is the traffic that services the Jabiru and the Ranger Uranium Mine. There is also a large increase of road trains on the Arnhem Highway. One of my constituents stood on the highway for one hour and in that hour there were 22 triple road trains going either way. That intersection, in particular, even with the upgrade - and I have been there and looked at what the students are saying. The visibility is poor when you are turning left westward, to try to see traffic from the right. I urge the minister to take this matter on board and have his department look at it to see how they can better improve this intersection for the safety of all people. Ms LAWRIE (Karama): Mr Deputy Speaker, I seek leave to table a written complaint to the AntiDiscrimination Commission. Leave granted. Ms LAWRIE: Mr Deputy Speaker, I have received leave from the Assembly to table a written complaint to the Anti-Discrimination Commission dated 28 August. It contains the grossly offensive and vile words you said to an Aboriginal woman at the Palumpa polling booth. You will be brought to account for what you have said. No despicable actions taken by the member of Port Darwin in this Chamber tonight in trying to weasel away and create a shroud of doubt around your words will save you from being brought to account for the words you uttered to a woman that day at the Palumpa mobile polling booth. As I said before, I will not utter those words in this House because they are so grossly offensive and vile. They are now on the public record for anyone to read. I will be ensuring the media receives a copy of the Anti-Discrimination Commission papers tabled today and that they know they are on the public record and can be published. It is through the actions of the member for Port Darwin, where he sought and was granted leave to table statutory declarations, that I felt this parliament was now open to granting leave to table documents in relation to this grossly offensive and vile incident. Member for Daly, you clearly spoke the words. You have had a team of your supporters write down things to defend you. I have not seen the