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Auditor-General for the Northern Territory June 2016 Report to the Legislative Assembly



Auditor-General for the Northern Territory June 2016 Report to the Legislative Assembly

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Auditor-General for the Northern Territory June 2016 Report 89 Selected Agencies cont Anomalous information included: missing odometer readings possibly due to: - the driver failing to provide an odometer reading; - the console operator not recording the odometer reading provided; - the accounts department of the fuel supplier not providing the odometer reading on the invoice; or - the fuel card not allowing the odometer reading to be recorded. incorrect odometer readings, for example a reading that was lower than the previous reading or is obviously incorrect (e.g. a reading in excess of 100,000 kilometres). This may be due to: - the driver misreading the odometer; - the driver guessing the reading; - the console operator mishearing the reading; or - the console operator mistyping the reading. Acceptable error rate In analysing the transaction errors I consider an error rate of less than 5% to be reasonable. I also consider an error rate between 6% and 25% to be reasonable when taking into account the probability of some console operator error occurring, however I would recommend that the users of the fuel cards for these vehicles be reminded of the need to provide accurate odometer readings to the fuel supplier. Board of the Museum and Art Gallery of the Northern Territory Excluding the Puma card allocated to the boat, two Puma cards (33%) had what appeared to be correct odometer readings for more than 95% of the transactions. One Puma card (17%) had missing or incorrect odometer readings for between 6 and 25% of the transactions. For the remaining three Puma cards (50%), anomalous transactions were identified on more than 26% of the transactions.