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The Northern Territory news Fri 14 Apr 2017

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FRIDAY APRIL 14 2017 OPINION 13 V1 - NTNE01Z01MA ON NORTHERN TERRITORY SINGER JESSICA MAUBOY GETTING EMOTIONAL SPEAKING ABOUT HER DAD ON TELEVISION Ive always loved Jessica Mauboy. I was never an idol fan but am so proud that one of our sisters made it, even prouder when she won an Aria for best female artist a few years ago, beating out Kylie no less. I cried tears of joy that night. She is such an inspiration to young indigenous territorians and Im so happy to see her doing well for herself. Love your work Jess. Belinda Powell You are a wonderful human being Im sure your parents and family are all so proud of you,I loved your honesty and it was great to see you have not let fame go to your head.You are a fantastic role model for all young kids keep it up Jessica Mauboy. Jennifer Scobie I have nothing but respect for this young lady and her parents. However it is not just the indigenous population that are disadvantaged it happens to all races and it is wonderful when we see somebody achieve their dreams. Patricia Buchanan Watched the show both Ahn and Jessica beautiful people. Sandy Millard My late husband worked with Jessicas Dad at P.A.W.A. in Darwin and always used to say that he was a top bloke and a great worker.Ironic cos now my special needs grandaughter is just the biggest Jess fan. Chrissie Hassett ON MAN WEARING NO PANTS CHASING DOWN VANADAL WHO DAMAGED VEHICLES AT STUART PARK HOUSE Yeah Im sure the sweet deal in jail the perpetrator is referring to is the $50,000 compo hell try to claim. Mr Magistrate... Do the NT a favour, lock the prick up and throw away the key. Kudos to the seminaked captor! Mark Taylor The judge will give him a slap on the wrist, the victim will be called a thug and bully by the judge and get fined for no have pants on. The perpetrator will also want compo for being scared by the car owner and being chased down the street by a naked person. Moloch Horridus Stop being jealous little sooks and go get a job if you want nice shit nothing is given Bert Kohnsawat You are a special girl from a loving family with territory spirit and we love listening to your beautiful voice. Australias darling. Angela Darcy ON MANY THINGS To Doc. You can make numbers tell you what ever you want them to tell you. How many of the 48 fatalities were in a built up area? How many tourists were driving on the wrong side of the road? How many were people sleeping on the road or vehicles overloaded?? The number can be seen anyway you want to look at them to support your view. DM FFS Rosemary, if ya sooo bloody smart n u know EVERY one then why the hell havent ya startd ya OWN maths/science gig with ya mates?? Mayb u just LOVE BANGN YA OWN DRUM N CRYN POOR BUGGA ME ay?? BbirdDRiv On Ben McCormack the alleged child porno journo: Taken himself to hospital to avoid possibly being incarcerated in a prison where he may be dealt with by other inmates Arth. Take out all the fatalities involving people asleep on the road or staggering over it then what figure do you come up with ? Bullant. Millner Why has the 60km/h sign been removed outbound from Daly St Bridge? Dear blind Billy Moir. Bigger business profits means more jobs and bigger dividends to super funds and ultimately to all workers. A lot of local business wont support local workers,they use 457s and similar,why then expect local support ? Mark Happy Easter and have a great long weekend! Ed Peacemaker Sco-mo superannuation deposit scheme is a last ditch attempt to stop the Sydney house bubble from bursting on their watch and giving the boomers a hair cut. Bloody global warming. Its funny how the government go on about closing the gap to the disadvantaged indigenous race. I was unsurprisingly informed that the indigenous get their flu vaccination for free yet the rest of us have to pay for it. Im confused as to why theyre referred to as the disadvantaged race when they receive everything for free? It is hard to revitalise the CBD when Palm Court turned off the water and killed off all the lipstick palms at the cnr of Cavenagh St & Bennett St. There goes a beautiful entrance to the CBD. Dry seasons on its way. Yay Recreational quad and buggy use is illegal in the NT?! Change the ridiculous law. The top end is great for being outdoors, let us enjoy it, dont criminalise us for having sober drug free fun. Jon, Malak YES I work at the Cav and (Good Friday) is one of the only days were closed so were having a staff party. Ill spend the rest of the weekend recovering. KYLIE ARTHUR, LARRAKEYAH YES Well have a birthday party (on Good Friday). On Saturday well do touristy things. BILL WILLIAMSON, PALMERSTON NO Im working all day Saturday. Im flying out Wednesday for my baby boys wedding so Ill get the house clean before then. SALLY ROSS, WOOLNER Speak Up: Are you putting your long weekend to good use? YES Hopefully well drive back to Nhulunbuy. Were hoping not to get bogged. MELODY KEATING, YIRRKALA LETTER OF THE DAY Gambling away our kids future THE reintroduction of the Banned Drinker Register has aroused some debate. I, myself, am in favour as it is at least an effort to do something about problem drinkers. I do not completely agree with Peter Cav (letters April 13, 2017) with regard to drinkers getting legless in pubs as I believe the pubs have already fixed that problem with their pricing. We would be fooling ourselves if we believed that drinking is the cause of all of our problems. I believe that gambling causes much more grief in our community. Our out-of-control youth in recent times is a direct result of poor parenting. It is common knowledge that in numerous cases that some parents spend more time at the casino of other gambling venues than they do with their children. With all the money going into the machines and nothing left to feed the kids it is little wonder that they resort to running around in gangs and stealing. Should I be surprised that our government has not recognised this problem and considered introducing a Banned Gambling Register? It has been reported that 200 million dollars was lost by Territorians to poker machines in the last financial year. Some of that money would go well towards looking after the kids. Tony Hardwick, Humpty Doo YES Were here from Tassie. My son lives here and its his sons fourth birthday. JOHANNA WILLIAMSON, PALMERSTON Crocodylus Park croc handler Tony Spain was unlucky in love this week on the TV reality show First Dates Picture: HELEN ORR PICK OF THE PICS