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The Centralian advocate Tue 28 Mar 2017



The Centralian advocate Tue 28 Mar 2017


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(CC) CENTRALIAN SeniorCollege is alive with thesound of music, after a number of its students made it through to the final of the Battle of the School Bands. The Northern Territory competition has been running since 2009 and is open to middle school and senior students. Alice Springs has seen a higher number of entrants than ever before and singersongwriter Loua Etepo-Aunei is now preparing to take to the stage in Darwin. The 16-year-old is preparing two songs for the final; one she performed in the heats, plus a new one shes penning specially for the event. But that is only a small part of the challenge facing her. Ive got stage fright, Loua said. I get it just before I go on stage and it feels like youre drowning. But this is a step towards getting over that. Loua said it was her music teacher who inspired her to get involved in the competition, while she cites her mother and father as her main musical influences. My mums mainly a singer, she taught me how to sing, she said. And my Dad plays everything, so hes the instrumental one. The instrumental influence is vital in Etepo-Auneis performance, accompanied only by her guitar. Its that back support, because if I fail singing Ive got the guitar to help me improvise or free flow, she said. The shy teenager said music provided her with an effective way of communicating her thoughts. I dont talk much, but if I wanted to talk, Id sing, she said. There were 27 entrants across the Territory this year, and only one heat left to run, at Darwin High School. The musicians are critiqued on their stage craft, musicianship and song originality with the ultimate prize being a place on stage at BASSINTHEGRASS. The final will be held at Browns Mart Theatre in Darwin, on April 21. It will be streamed live on the internet for the very first time. The Advocate will profile the other Alice Springs finalists soloist Beatrice Cormack and band Juice in the coming weeks. For more about the competition at www.ntms.net.au/ battle-school-bands Andrea Johnston Loua to light up the stage Centralian Senior School student Loua Etepo-Aunei is a finalist at the Battle of the School Bands in Darwin next month.c Picture: CHRISTINE ANSORGE

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