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The Northern Territory news Wed 8 Mar 2017

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WEDNESDAY MARCH 8 2017 OPINION 35 V1 - NTNE01Z01MA ON FOOTAGE OF DRIVER TAKING ON FLOODED RIVER CROSSING IN NORTHERN TERRITORY This is why they have off road vehicles out bush. These people need to get around during the wet. Those tourists obviously got a little excited to see some real territorians in action. Go back to town. Robert Cerone Its all fun until it turns to $hit and someone else has to risk themselves...Im not an inno cent wallflower myself but if you decide to do this, be prepared to help yourself and dont be pissed if folks dont run to your rescue. Peter Illmayer Got no problem with it!! As long as they paid for the vehicle!!! And call there brothers if they come unstuck!! David Wood Terrifying but it made me laugh. So Territory and they look so pleased with them selves. Troopie, good old Territory work horse. Seen worse things done to them! Carol Jobson Why did the troopie cross the river ? Because clearly they needed to get to the other side! I wouldnt ever take the risk myself but good on them for nailing it! Kate Marshall ON CHINA UNVEILING FIRST HOME-BUILT AIRCRAFT CARRIER FROM REVERSE ENGINEERED SOVIET DESIGN Built with Australian Iron Ore bought at a steel price of lower than $40 a tonne. Dont it make you proud of the Australian Govt. Barney Arnold Only a matter of time before they reverse engineered the fundamentals from the exRussian carrier they acquired previously. The weapon systems and technology will be state of the art though so it would be folly to underestimate its strategic capabilities. Makes the South China Sea more interesting with such a platform in their maritime arsenal. Gary Shepard Made in China? Does it come with a Warranty. Ill bet NOT. Michael Gruszkowski That was the whole reason behind having the russian carrier from the start. But if they built it like they build their rigs i would not worry too much. The thing will have rust holes in it within a year. Lee Tut Only way they can make stuff in china by copying other countrys designs. Bob Robinson This is stupidity alright, what if they got eaten by a croc, whos faults that then they hunt crocs, geez, stupid stupid stupid...Cassie Bonney ON EVERYTHING Most people dont really know the difference between cyclone watch and warning. Why dont we go to the colour code like WA? Blue 48 hours. Yellow 12 hours. Red imminent everyone shuts up shop and goes home.M, Darwin As the commissioner for public employment, Craig Allen has to act ethically and impartially at all times. Thanks to the NT News, its been shown he hasnt. Not sure how the 21,000 public servants or Gunners government can trust him now. BJ, Driver The sista girls were just FABULOUS at the Mardi gras, but I did wonder who paid for the big trip. Taxpayer To solve the CBD parking problem make one side of Cavenagh Street free 2hr parking. once a day two hours for free would encourage shoppers. Very short walk to mall. Could Truthful John explain why the truthful mining in dustry has left taxpayers with 54,000 abandoned mines leaking toxins into the environment, although we were assured they were safe? Shouldnt the industry repair this disastrous legacy before it embarks on more destruction? My sister territorians are obsessed by penis! They see them everywere! For me it looks like 2 sitting elephants. ? Lol. Nick Karma Female representation on pedestrian traffic lights in Victoria. What about all these other sexes that have surfaced. Shouldnt they get a guernsey? Col, Hwd Springs It matters not whether Dan Murphys comes to Darwin or not, the excesses of alcohol will continue to be the ruination of many and a blight on the NT community. GMH Public service apolitical? LMFAO Ted Dunstan is focusing on the wrong end of the pay spectrum. Lower paid hard workers are easy to target while the real rorters like executives earning millions line their pockets and avoid as much tax as their dodgy accountants can wangle! Ross, Batchelor My family and friends are standing by Dan Murphy expansions. We also want to have our own Aldi or even better, Lidl. Having both would be tremendous. Hopeful Nicole, Karama Oh no why no Mega Monday Crossword? no harmony in this household tonight. please bring it back. DustyPages, Nightcliff EDS NOTE: Sorry folks, this was a pagination problem. Rest assured, Mega Crossword will be back next Monday. Perhaps RDH would be so kind as to put up do not spit signs outside the hospital. It is revolting. NO I just dont want to be in that type of competition. MORGAN CONNICK, STUART PARK NO Because I dont want to get fat. KATE WALSH, CBD YES First, because it's free food and I love food and, second, it would be fun. DANA DIZON, PARAP Speak Up: Would you ever go into an eating competition? YES I wouldnt say no to something like that. DAVE EELS, CBD NO I wouldnt have the appetite. KADIJA MOHAMED, STUART PARK Roy Pugh, 7, is happy with the money the Tooth Fairy left him after he lost two front teeth Picture: IVAN RACHMAN PICK OF THE PICS LETTER OF THE DAY Rage against parking panic I HAVE lived in Fannie Bay for 15 or so years. For 15 or so years I have watched Parap Road turn in to a clogged no go zone on Saturdays, like you would expect in a city of a couple of million morons. News flash ... there are no car parks in there. They are all taken up by stalls. Park your dirty great ugly four-wheel drives elsewhere and walk 100m you lazy, brain dead idiots. Also, the next time I get stuck behind 30 cars at Casuarina Shopping Centre because someone looks like they might be leaving after unpacking three shopping trolleys full of stuff ... well, you know. For a town of so few people there are a lot of brain dead inconsiderate assholes. And they are probably taking home five times more than what they are worth. So few brains taking home so much money. The Fly, Fannie Bay Park your dirty great ugly four wheel drives elsewhere and walk 100m

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