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The Northern Territory news Wed 8 Mar 2017

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NTNE01Z01MA - V1 THE good economic news wont translate into higher interest rates just yet, although tighter monetary policy can be expected in 2018 and 2019. Thats the view of prominent economist Chris Richardson, who on Tuesday delivered an upbeat appraisal of the Australian economy to a com modities conference in Canberra. The economist from Deloitte Access Economics says with China throwing the kitchen sink at its economy, 2017 should be a year of prosperity. This has already led to a surge in commodity prices, resulting in monthly trade surpluses in Australia. Trust me, thats going to last through 2017, Mr Richardson told the Australian Bureau of Agricultural and Resource Economics and Sciences Outlook 2017 conference. There is a chance we may get to a current account surplus for the first time since the early 1970s. Mr Richard son said the anxiety over volatile world politics had not been as detrimental to the economy as first feared. He expects the US Federal Reserve will raise interest rates three or four times this year, with Australia eventually following suit. P17: NT Business ReviewIN STORE ONLINE DELIVERS H O P 08 8984 4662 18 Winnellie Road, WINNELLIE www.harveydistributors.com.au Har vey Wh o? WET SEASON CLEAN UP HIGH PERFORMANCE PRESSURE CLEANER 9mtr Steel Braded Hose with Reel Storage $549 STIHL RE129 PLUS COMPACT PRESSURE CLEANER 8mtr Steel Braded Pressure Hose Telescopic Handle $399 STIHL RE119 7mtr High Pressure Hose Detergent Bottles COMPACT PRESSURE CLEANER $299 STIHL RE109 08 NEWS WEDNESDAY MARCH 8 2017 Ice sends former psych into crime A FORMER professional psychologist has set fire to a mattress at a Darwin hotel, assaulted police, smashed shop windows and developed a distrust of hospital staff since she began to use the drug ice. The NT Supreme Court heard conflicting opinions on the mental state of Morag Bell, 41, after she admitted the arson charge last week. Prosecutor Steve Ledek said: A psychiatrist who assessed her said there was no underlying psychosis. It seems everyone who knows her personally (who provided references to the court) thinks exactly the opposite. There is a point where her life change dramatically and caused a schism between the person she was before and the person she started to become, exacerbated by the use of (drugs). The court heard Bells mother was concerned her daughter didnt recognise the damage ice had done to her life and did not trust her close friends and family. The court heard the psychiatrist did not support her mothers opinion that she was deluded and paranoid, but said Bell did need treatment for drug-induced psychosis and lengthy psychotherapy. Justice Peter Barr said: There are still some questions about (Bells) grasp on reality. The court heard Bell held an honours degree in psychology and worked with Dawn House womens shelter, Charles Darwin University and Menzies Institute in Darwin. She was a long-time functioning alcoholic and started using meth after her marriage broke down sometime before November 2015. Her erratic criminal behaviour including assaulting police, property damage and arson spanned just eight months, before she was incarcerated almost six months ago, and most matters have resolved in court. Defence lawyer Nicola MacCarron said her client had dinner with her mother and teenage daughter, who were visiting from Ireland, the day before she set fire to combustible material on the mattress at Barramundi Lodge in July last year. She felt overwhelmed, it was a way of expressing her feelings, and she gave no consideration to how dangerous it was, Ms MacCarron said. The owner rushed to turn off the electricity when the fire alarm sounded and she saw a plume of black smoke follow Bell from the room. Bell sat on a wall outside, saying look what youve all made me do, and held her arms out to be handcuffed when police arrived. The damage and income loss topped about $6000. Justice Barr ordered a suspended sentence supervision report. ELLIE TURNER Volunteer engagement officer Juliet Saltmarsh will be clearing East Point reserve Picture: ELISE DERWIN Weeding out the fire risk GREEN-THUMBED volunteers will be at East Point Reserve tomorrow, pulling out troublesome weeds to protect the area against fire damage over the dry season. Conservation Volunteers Australia engagement officer Juliet Saltmarsh said the group would remove three weed species that posed a wild fire risk. Ms Saltmarsh said they wanted to remove as much mission grass, spear grass and itch grass as possible from the area. Its mainly for the fire risk ... if one happens to go through here it could wipe out the whole area, she said. Its a really important for the ecosystem, it helps restore the native bush system, which can return the native animals. Ms Saltmarsh said they did a weed bust two to the three times a year and wanted volunteers to help out tomorrow. Volunteers normally collected the equivalent of 12 large garbage bags full of weeds. To help out contact: darwin@cva.org.au LAUREN ROBERTS Good times but steady rates expected in 2017 There is a point where her life changed dramatically P R O S E C U T O R S T E V E L E D E K