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Alice Springs Steiner School newsletter


Term 2 Week 2

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we wrote last week what an achievement! While some children declared they were worn out by the effort, none of them gave up, and everyone looked proudly at their completed page. This Main Lesson is all about moving from the Letters to Text, with Fairytales as our narrative context. However, we wont be working at a cracking pace, instead, we will play with a dramatic arts element in order to: Use a variety of forms of communication of stories including oral, visual, written and dramatic, and understand that language is used in combination with other means of communication to interact with others. (SEA Topic 1.3.4) The children proudly took home their woven Easter Baskets at the end of last term. A huge thank you to the parents and grandparents who help us in our weekly craft sessions. This term we begin our knitting journey that will carry us through the years to come. We have started making our knitting needles, and very soon, with the help of our Class 6 Friends, we will learn to knit. Our Wednesday craft sessions will then be dedicated to weaving our beautiful recorder cases in anticipation of receiving our recorders. I have asked the children to bring in some old favourite, well-worn clothes. You know the ones they cant wear in public anymore because they are thread-bare, stained and /or too small. We want to cut them up and use them in our weaving project. I hope you received the Term 2 timetable for the fridge. If not I have more in the classroom. We need shoes on Tuesdays for Gardening, and Thursdays, along with a water bottle, for walking. Also on Thursday afternoons we are very excited to welcome Emily, Ninas mum to teach us Spanish. We are getting very busy and our inside play time is reducing, so please dont be surprised if the children are tired at the end of the day. I will talk more about our timetable and work load at our Class Parent meeting in Week 4, Wednesday May 10th 3:15 4:30pm. Please book in this date. Of course, if you want to meet with me personally please send an email via the office or pop your head in to make an appointment. Megan x Subscribe Past Issues Translate Newsletter - Term 2 Week 2 http://mailchi.mp/61252fa93300/db61y7ij2k?e=7170ee3528 13 of 24 28/04/2017 3:34 PM