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Alice Springs Steiner School newsletter


Term 2 Week 2

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Class Six Welcome to Term 2. What a gentle start to the term with all these public holidays! This term we welcome back Lily Vinter-Forth. Lily has spent the last year in Warnanbool, Victoria; we are very happy to see her rejoin the class and to settle in with ease. Congratulations to the class on their beautiful performance at the Autumn festival last term, and thank you parents for all arriving promptly. It was a beautiful festival and our last one as a class! I was so proud of how they held themselves and it has been such a joy to watch them grow all these years. They never fail to show exceptional colours in their performances; they truly are a group of Chinese roosters! Last term in gardening we were able to enjoy the fruits of our labour by eating some garlic pizzas. We made garlic butter and some delicious wood-fired pizzas; our first time using the pizza oven! It was great fun and later in the day we were able to take some pizzas to Class 1 in our buddy session time. Big thanks to Renee for organising our class 6 get together last term at the swimming pools. It was a good opportunity to meet socially and spend more than 2 minutes together outside the classroom! This term we have our annual Steiner School Fair on the 3rd of June, and we are on curries. Kate Lloyd has kindly volunteered for the co-ordinator position, so stay tuned for updates from Kate. Our parent meeting for the term is in week 4, Wednesday the 10th of May at 7pm. Please let me know if you are unable to attend. As usual our Winter-festival is on the last Thursday of term, 22nd of June. The class is planning a special performance for the festival and it is essential for me to know if any students are leaving early for holidays and will not be able to attend. Please let me know if your child will be away, I have been notified of one absence already. This week we begin our second Ancient Rome main lesson, looking at the history up until the reign of Julius Caesar. Have a lovely week and get ready for the cooler weather that is about to hit! Bess CRAFT GROUP CAN YOU MAKE ONE THING A WEEK UNTIL THE FAIR? Craft Group meets in the Play Group Room in the Early Childhood area. Subscribe Past Issues Translate Newsletter - Term 2 Week 2 http://mailchi.mp/61252fa93300/db61y7ij2k?e=7170ee3528 19 of 24 28/04/2017 3:34 PM