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Alice Springs Steiner School newsletter



Alice Springs Steiner School newsletter


Alice Springs Steiner School


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Alice Springs


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Alice Springs


Alice Springs Steiner School newsletter


Term 2 Week 2

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Term 2 (10wks) Wednesday 19 April - Friday 23 June 2nd term holiday 26th June 21st July (4 weeks) Term 3 (10wks) Tuesday 25 July - Friday 29 September 3rd term holiday 2nd Oct - 13th Oct (2 weeks) Term 4 (9wks) Tuesday 17 October - Friday 15 December Public holidays: Good Friday - Friday 14th April Easter Monday - Monday 17th April Anzac Day - Tuesday 25th April May Day - Monday 1st May Queens Bday - Monday 12th June Show Day - Friday 7th July Picnic Day - Monday 7th August PRINCIPAL NEWS Well isnt the cooler weather amazing. A great chance to get involved in all those important jobs needed to support the Schools Fair. Lots of activities and goods for sale so please everyone start planning now. In assembly this morning we had a beautiful little ceremony where class 4 presented class 3 with the grain seeds they had harvested this year from the school garden. This was the 11th year in a row where the seeds have been presented from Class 4 to Class 3. It is a wonderful picture of the renewal of life through the germinating forces that all plants should be capable of achieving. Unfortunately we know that not all seeds are capable of regrowth from their own seeds. In many countries control of seeds are heavily regulated by governments. Of course in our school garden with our organic/biodynamic approach this is not the case with all of our produce full of renewalable seed sprouting goodness. All of us are so very lucky! We welcome Eli into class 1. His classmates have been patiently waiting all term for him to arrive. Welcome! And also we welcome back two students who have returned to TASSS after spending some time in Melbourne. Welcome to Lily & Hannah Vinter-Forth. We now have 150 students from Cassia to class 6 eligible for government grants with a hundred Subscribe Past Issues Translate Newsletter - Term 2 Week 2 http://mailchi.mp/61252fa93300/db61y7ij2k?e=7170ee3528 3 of 24 28/04/2017 3:34 PM