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Alice Springs Steiner School newsletter


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Alice Springs Steiner School newsletter


Term 2 Week 2

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TASSA (The Alice Springs Steiner Association) How about being part of one of the Schools Subcommittees Find the idea of joining the School board too overwhelming but still want to contribute? Got a skill or area of interest you think the school could use? The School governing board meets once a month with the Principal and Business Manager to review the progress of annual plans and finances and other works/projects underway. In doing this, theyre supported by a number of subcommittees made up of board members and advisers from the parent body. These subcommittees look at particular areas of work and provide recommendations to the board for discussion and approval, which the Principal and Business Manager can then action. There are currently subcommittees for finance, marketing, the fair, and lands & buildings. All of these roles are filled by volunteers and we are always on the look-out for and keen to welcome new faces to help. As detailed in the recently released Strategic Plan, there are many exciting projects and promotional activities planned for this year and beyond including: development of a new infrastructure master plan; various lands and building developments; implementing the schools new marketing strategy; further development of the schools embracing place strategy; high school feasibility planning; and, the Fair of course! If you think youve got something you could bring to any of these, please let us know. Were aware many of us are time constrained and therefore limited in what we feel we can commit to but theres lots of exciting work to go around and many different ways you can contribute to getting it done, including joining one of the subcommittees. It doesnt even have to be a full-time commitment; if theres one project youre interested in, or area of expertise you have, you can just contribute to that. The future of our beautiful school will be made by many helping hands! Regards, Governing Board Work Experience Subscribe Past Issues Translate Newsletter - Term 2 Week 2 http://mailchi.mp/61252fa93300/db61y7ij2k?e=7170ee3528 5 of 24 28/04/2017 3:34 PM