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The Northern Territory news Wed 1 Feb 2017

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WEDNESDAY FEBRUARY 1 2017 BUSINESS 21 V1 - NTNE01Z01MA opinion Wanted: genuine ambition, urgency and realism Master Builders Association CEO Dave Malone Picture: ELISE DERWIN DAVID MALONE EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR, MASTER BUILDERS ASSOCIATION MANY people of influence will tell you the rent market is patchy. What they are really trying to say to you is things arent so flash for a few right now, but that is counterbalanced by others who are doing OK. It seems as if that is almost a justification to discount the stories about the true state of our economy. To those people, sorry to burst your bubble, but the very definition of a significant slowdown in an economy is across the board patchiness. True, thats not a technical term, but it describes our circumstances really well. My industry, construction, has slowed by 40 per cent. That doesnt mean the activity in every business is down 40 per cent. It means that when you add up that activity across the industry, that is the number you get. Some have work, and a lot more do not. That is the real state of affairs. Now, the economic cycle is what it is. There are good times and not so good times, and both occur with regular frequency. Australia, very much the lucky country, has had a boom for so long there are quite a few who have never seen a real and sustained slowdown in their adult lives but that doesnt mean those events do not occur. At this point, you may well be asking, so what? Well, I would argue that you genuinely only ever start to fix a problem when you have swallowed a good chunk of realism. When you have peeled away the discounting and can see the problem for what it is. And we have a problem, Houston. While I have complete faith in the medium- to long-term outlook for the Territory, the short term does not look all that flash. And I may be verballing the Chief Minister, but Im pretty sure it is what he said at the Property Council event last December as well. My question is whether we have geared our thinking, our strategies and our actions to the demands of a slower economy, or are we still stuck in the good times of the past? Truthfully, I dont know right now, but I do know it is well past the time everyone started to ask that question. Can you see ambition? Can you see urgency? Does it look like things are grounded in the reality of the times? Are these mindsets coming to the fore in our public debate and in our public policy? I have no doubt everyone is busy, but that isnt necessarily the same thing. Its whether the people who influence, and the people who decide, really are feeling the challenge today to be ambitious, urgent and real, right now. If we can get ourselves into that space, then we will be a long way towards charting the new direction the Territory needs. And our Summit organisers working hard to deliver the Economic Summits next month might sleep a little easier too, but that is really a discussion for another article. Today, right now, lets start testing ourselves and our leaders. Are we being real, telling it as it is? Are we creating obstacles or getting things done? And, most importantly, in my world, are we being genuinely ambitious for the future of the Territory? Tenders Invited deparTmenT of InfrasTrucTure pLannInG and LoGIsTIcs Tenders and QuoTaTIons awarded Tender Number T16-2379 Title: Alice Springs Region - Tanami Road - Various Lifting, Pavement Repair and Resheeting Works between CH510km to CH527km Contractor: Roadtech Constructions Pty Ltd A/T/F The Roadtech Constructions Trust t/a Roadtech Constructions Pty Ltd Value: $453,516.25 Region: Alice Springs Tender Number T16-2068 Title: Alice Springs Region - Larapinta Drive - Bus Shelter Upgrade Contractor: Hi-Spec Civil Equipment Pty Ltd t/a Hi-Spec Civil Equipment Pty Ltd Value: $98,776.00 Region: Alice Springs Tender Number T16-2368 Title: Alice Springs Region - Maryvale Road - Replace 4 Gates with Grids at Various Locations Contractor: ITS Contracting Pty Ltd t/a Remote Concrete NT Value: $347,120.00 Region: Alice Springs Tender Number T16-2217 Title: Alice Springs Region - Lots 301, 7334, and 7169 (Alice Springs) - Design, Documentation, Demolition and Construction of 3x3 Bedroom Urban Public Housing (UPH) Dwellings and 1x1 Bedroom Independent Unit Contractor: Patrick Homes & Construction Pty Ltd Value: $1,365,000.00 Region: Alice Springs Tender Number T16-2212 Title: Darwin Region - Darwin Corporate Park - Office Fit Out Contractor: Jaytex Pty Ltd t/a Jaytex Constructions Value: $1,367,265.90 Region: Darwin Tender Number T16-2191 Title: Darwin Region - Tactile Arts - Upgrade of Air-Conditioning Contractor: FRM Refrigeration & Air Conditioning Value: $117,346.00 Region: Darwin Tender Number T16-2226 Title: Darwin Region - 95 Bagot Road (Lot 4376 Ludmilla) - Design, Documentation, Demolition and Construction of 1 X 3 Bedroom Urban Public Housing (UPH) Dwelling Contractor: Probuild (NT) Pty Ltd Value: $417,976.00 Region: Darwin Tender Number T16-1729 Title: All Regions - Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS) Systems - General Minor Repairs and Maintenance to NTG Assests for a Period of 12 Months Contractor: Power Quality Systems Pty Ltd t/a Power Quality Systems Value: $384,321.35 Region: Darwin Tender Number T16-2290 Title: Katherine Region - Victoria River Research Farm - Renovation of Kitchen and Accommodation Buildings - Mandatory Site Inspection Contractor: Atkin Building Co Pty Ltd t/a Atkin Building Co Pty Ltd Value: $240,509.00 Region: Katherine Tender Number T16-2265 Title: Katherine Region - Katherine Hospital Allan Bromwich Foyer - Install New Ceiling Grid System and Replace Ceiling Tiles in Maternity Contractor: Graham Rust t/a Graham Rust Building Service Value: $130,450.00 Region: Katherine Tender Number T16-1885 Title: Katherine Region - Buntine Highway - Shoulder Reconstruction CH31km to CH42km Contractor: H&K Earthmoving Pty Ltd t/a H&K Earthmoving Pty Ltd Value: $207,468.30 Region: Katherine Tender Number T16-2069 Title: Barkly Region - Various Repairs & Maintenance of Government Assets in the Borroloola Region for a Period of 12 Months Contractor: Cairns Industries Pty Ltd Value: $1,137,881.40 Region: Tennant Creek For further information regarding Northern Territory Government Tenders go to www.nt.gov.au/tenders