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The Northern Territory news Tue 3 Jan 2017



The Northern Territory news Tue 3 Jan 2017

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Will you soon wish you were back with the devil you used to know? Not if youre willing to give it a fair chance. Venus movement to a new sign suggests this change is for the better. Be ready for 2017! For important news call 1902 222 500. TAURUS APR 21 MAY 21 Poor King Midas. All he wanted was to be the richest, most powerful tyrant in the world. Is that so terrible? Did he deserve to be cruelly cursed for his burning ambition? You too have an eye for all that glitters. But youre not about to find that everything you lay hands on turns to gold. Instead, youll find that no matter where you go, theres more love, kindness and affection in your life. You might have to be careful as to whose soul you touch with this newfound blessing. But, emotionally, youll soon be living like royalty. Be ready for 2017! For excellent news call 1902 222 500. LIBRA SEP 24OCT 23 At astrological times like these, I often suggest the cleverness fairy is coming to visit. Im optimistic as to how you can make better plans and find more effective solutions to problems. But this time, when she calls, the cleverness fairy isnt quite feeling herself. Shes a bit under the weather, and in need of looking after. You should, though, welcome her new ideas with an open mind. With careful evaluation, youll find method in her madness and a dash of genuine, and very helpful inspiration. Be ready for 2017! For exciting news call 1902 222 500. SAGITTARIUS NOV 23DEC 21 You may not be psychic but you have impressive intuition. Your feelings deserve to be trusted and your hunches ought to be acted on. But theres another side to you which resists suggestions that dont stand up to rational explanation. And sometimes you feel that if a course of events cant be predicted, the risk isnt worth taking, no matter how glamorous the prize. Im not sure how youll persuade yourself to trust what your heart is telling you but, as Venus joins your ruler in Pisces, itd be a good idea to try! Be ready for 2017! For excellent news call 1902 222 500. CANCER JUN 23JUL 23 If we didnt have friends, we couldnt have enemies. Strangers, no matter how negative their agendas, can never upset us as effectively as the folk who know us only too well. But then, perhaps if we didnt have enemies, we wouldnt need friends! And isnt it truly wonderful to feel a special sense of connection with someone? With Venus moving into your opposite sign today, you can begin to appreciate the true value of an important personal bond. Together, you and this person will form the most wonderful team. Be ready for 2017! For exciting news call 1902 222 500. VIRGO AUG 24SEP 23 Do people love who you are, or what you have? Theres an easy way to find out and thats to stop being so generous. But isnt the desire to support your loved ones a fundamental part of you? If someone were to react negatively to such a change, is this due to their sense of losing out, or are they perceiving you as somehow less amenable than before? Theres no need to stop being such a generous soul. But make sure that those who receive it, deserve your affection. The ones that do, give just as much back. Be ready for 2017! For important news call 1902 222 500. AQUARIUS JAN 21FEB 19 Are you about to feel less appreciated? Are you going to start attracting as much argument as admiration? Will you be less loved, and love less, than in the past? No. But the emphasis of your relationships may well change. The intensity of some could begin to fade, but the special ones now have the chance to blossom and deepen. Dont fear the entanglement of roots as the tree of your life entwines closer around another. This is your chance to lean on someones strength and together grow ever higher! Be ready for 2017! For important news call 1902 222 500. LEO JUL 24AUG 23 You imagine that over the years, youve become tough and resilient. Not only have you been a student at the School of Hard Knocks, youve gained an exemplary attendance record. You feel youve become so good at dealing with the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune that your heart now sits behind a strong safe shield. But it can still be touched. You can still be moved. A retrograde Mercury in your sign, linking to Venus, freshly arriving in Pisces today, suggests that a sense of vulnerability is no bad thing. Be ready for 2017! For excellent news call 1902 222 500. CAPRICORN DEC 22JAN 20 Were all sensitive to moods and atmospheres. Though we do our best to ignore them and get on with whatever were supposed to be doing, we cant help but notice when someones sad, upset or angry. Nor are we very good at ignoring our own emotions, no matter how much we may wish we could just sweep them aside. You cant afford now to let feelings colour your judgement. 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