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Standard specification for road works 2015/2016



Standard specification for road works 2015/2016


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miscellaneous provisions ■ provision for traffic ■ clearing grubbing and rehabilitation ■ earthworks ■ conformance testing ■ pavements and shoulders ■ stabilisation ■ spray sealing ■ dense graded asphalt ■ slurry surfacing ■ miscellaneous concrete works ■ drainage works ■ protection works ■ road furniture and traffic control devices ■ pavement marking ■ landscape ■ ducting and conduits ■ traffic control signals ■ traffic counting stations ■ street lighting ■ directional (thrust) boring ■ measurement and payment ■ referenced documents ■ nt climate zones table ■ This document specifies the general standards of materials and workmanship required by the Department of Infrastructure for construction of civil road network assets




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LANDSCAPE STANDARD SPECIFICATION ROADWORKS DoI REFERENCE TEXT December 2015 Page 116 - Control equipment will be affixed securely to the inside of the box and arranged neatly for ease of operation. - Cabling - cabling shall be run internally through the mounting post - Flexible conduit shall be inserted in the entry and exit points to prevent chafing - Conduits will be joined with a weatherproof seal - Conduit shall be used between the post and the control box to provide weather proofing. - Aerial shall be mounted vertically on top of the post. - Solar panel - Mount on top of the post - Mount at an angle of 11 degrees to the horizontal with the cells facing north. 16.7.10 As Constructed Drawings - Hold Point All changes and variations to the design shall be recorded during construction, particularly items that are covered or become inaccessible. Provide hardcopies of the amended information and drawings progressively as the work proceeds, with or before the variation which led to the need to amend the information and drawings to accurately reflect the as built condition. Hold Point - Provide As Constructed drawings of the irrigation system in electronic CAD format (AutoCad or Microstation) to the Superintendent within two weeks of practical completion. Drawings are to show as installed locations of all pipework, fittings, sprinklers, control valves, controllers, wiring, accessories etc. 16.8 ESTABLISHMENT PERIOD - Keep the site neat and tidy at all times. - Ensure the irrigation system is maintained and performs in accordance with the design plans. The operating schedule is to be adjusted to suit wet/dry season conditions. Prevent excessive watering. - Keep the root ball of all plants moist at all times. - Keep all plants and grass in a healthy actively growing state. - Keep the whole site weed free. - Repair eroded areas and re-establish to maintain the design. - Replace all damaged, dying or dead plants within 10 working days. - Maintain all plantings free from insects, pests and diseases. - Fertilise all plantings and grass in accordance with Table 16.3 - Fertilisers and Table 16.5 - Fertiliser Application Rates, ensuring to work any fertilizer into the soil around the base and dripline of the plant to prevent runoff. - Ensure mulch is maintained at the specified levels. - Ensure all stakes and ties remain secured with adjust ties to suit plant growth. Replace broken stakes and ties immediately. - Prune trees and shrubs as required, or as directed by the Superintendent, to encourage dense bushy growth; use only qualified personnel. - Prune established trees for a 3 m clearance where high profile machinery will be required to use the area regularly. - Remove all branches sweeping the ground. - Remove all pruning within 2 m of the ground to within 10 mm of the main stem. - Keep ground cover plants free of dead vegetation. - Mow grass when grass height exceeds 100 mm and in accordance with the clause titled Mowing. - Remove grass cuttings from site. - Trim neatly all edges of grassed areas at the same time as mowing. - Keep all stormwater drains clean of debris and silt to allow unrestricted flow of stormwater run-off. - Remove termite mounds and treat the specific site with Fipronil. - Use all insecticides and fungicides for the control of termites/insects and other infestations in accordance with the manufacturer's instruction. 16.8.1 Establishment Period Records - Maintain accurate current records of all maintenance work during the establishment period, including; the number of employees on site and the work conducted. - Unscheduled audits may be conducted by the Superintendent throughout the 13 week period. Records shall be presented upon request.