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Standard specification for road works 2015/2016



Standard specification for road works 2015/2016


Standard specification for road works; Reports; PublicationNT




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miscellaneous provisions ■ provision for traffic ■ clearing grubbing and rehabilitation ■ earthworks ■ conformance testing ■ pavements and shoulders ■ stabilisation ■ spray sealing ■ dense graded asphalt ■ slurry surfacing ■ miscellaneous concrete works ■ drainage works ■ protection works ■ road furniture and traffic control devices ■ pavement marking ■ landscape ■ ducting and conduits ■ traffic control signals ■ traffic counting stations ■ street lighting ■ directional (thrust) boring ■ measurement and payment ■ referenced documents ■ nt climate zones table ■ This document specifies the general standards of materials and workmanship required by the Department of Infrastructure for construction of civil road network assets




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TRAFFIC COUNTING STATIONS STANDARD SPECIFICATION ROADWORKS DoI REFERENCE TEXT December 2015 Page 124 19 TRAFFIC COUNTING STATIONS 19.1 STANDARDS Conform to the following Standards and Publication unless specified otherwise: Cited standard drawings: CS 1501 Standard drawing signal details pole foundation CS 1502 Standard drawing signal details mast arm foundation CS 1503 Standard drawing signal details controller foundation CS 1550 Standard traffic counting station post mounted detector loop and pit details CS 1551 Standard traffic counting station post mounted detector loop layout CS 1552 Standard traffic counting station post mounted piezo tube layout CS 1554 Standard traffic counting station post mounted cabinet wiring diagram CS 1555 Standard traffic counting station post mounted post assembly Relevant Australian Standards: AS 1012 Methods of testing concrete. AS 1160 Bitumen emulsions for the construction and maintenance of pavements. AS/NZS 1252 High strength steel bolts with associated nuts and washers for structural engineering. AS 1397 Steel sheet and strip - Hot dipped zinc coated or aluminium/zinc coated. AS/NZS 2053 Conduits and fittings for electrical installations. AS 2276 Cables for traffic signal installations. AS 2700 Colour standards for general purposes. AS 2703 Vehicle loop detector sensors. AS/NZS 3000 Electrical installations (known as the Australian/New Zealand Wiring Rules). AS/NZS 3191 Electric flexible cords. AS 3600 Concrete structures. AS/NZS 4671 Steel reinforcing materials AS/NZS 5000.1 Electric cables Polymetric insulated For working voltages up to and including 0.6/1 (1.2) kV NTMTM NT Materials Testing Manual. NTTM NT Test Methods 19.2 CABINETS Cabinets will be provided by the Principal. Install as specified. Refer to standard drawing CS 1554. Cabinets to open away from and aligned square to the road. 19.2.1 Terminal Blocks Provide two terminal blocks for the termination of loop detector feeder cables similar to Clipsal 543. Mount the terminal blocks on the front edge of the cabinet lower shelf. Supply two copies of drawing showing labelled loop layout and terminal blocks. 19.2.2 Switchboard for Solar Power Site Provide and connect a 10 amp on-off switch with the up position as off and clear marks for on and off. Provide a four terminal strip similar to Clipsal 543. Mount and connect voltage regulator as specified. Refer to standard drawing CS 1554. Clearly label terminal strip '+' and '-'. Wire solar panel to terminal strip via switch and regulator. Mount the switch regulator and terminal strip on a non-hygroscopic, non-inflammable base 6 mm Bramite or similar. Separate the switch and strip a minimum of 100 mm. 19.3 CABLING Provide detector loop cable of 30/025 V105 type or similar. Twist loop feeder cable one turn every 20 cm between each loop and junction in the detector pit. Provide loop detector feeder cable of Telcon B3102 CS/NJ/PVC type or similar. Provide Piezo detector feeder cable of 75 ohm co-axial cable type RG59. Provide solar power feed cable of 30/025 V105 type or similar, red and black. Join cables by soldering. Insulate and seal against ingress of water by using mastic filled heatshrink Sigmaform SST 12-04 or similar. Ensure heatshrink covers at least 25 mm of insulation beyond the join. 19.4 CONDUIT Provide and lay 50 mm HD PVC conduit and one P20 white PVC conduit as specified. Allow 25 mm clearance between adjacent conduits. Provide sand cover minimum 100 mm above conduit. Provide electrical marker tape 150 mm below natural surface in conduit trenches.