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Standard specification for road works 2015/2016



Standard specification for road works 2015/2016


Standard specification for road works; Reports; PublicationNT




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miscellaneous provisions ■ provision for traffic ■ clearing grubbing and rehabilitation ■ earthworks ■ conformance testing ■ pavements and shoulders ■ stabilisation ■ spray sealing ■ dense graded asphalt ■ slurry surfacing ■ miscellaneous concrete works ■ drainage works ■ protection works ■ road furniture and traffic control devices ■ pavement marking ■ landscape ■ ducting and conduits ■ traffic control signals ■ traffic counting stations ■ street lighting ■ directional (thrust) boring ■ measurement and payment ■ referenced documents ■ nt climate zones table ■ This document specifies the general standards of materials and workmanship required by the Department of Infrastructure for construction of civil road network assets




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MEASUREMENT AND PAYMENT STANDARD SPECIFICATION ROADWORKS DoI REFERENCE TEXT December 2015 Page 147 23 MEASUREMENT AND PAYMENT The following Measurement and Payment clauses refer to the specification sections of the same name, however, the clause numbers do not match the section numbers of the same title. 23.1 MISCELLANEOUS PROVISIONS 23.1.1 Environmental Management Generally Not measured separately Include the cost of environmental management in the rates for the applicable items. 23.1.2 Environmental Management Plan Measured as an item. 23.1.3 Cleaning of Vehicles and Plant Measured by number cleaned. Vehicles and plant items are priced separately. 23.1.4 Establishment The sum for establishment not to exceed 30 per cent of the Tender Sum. Mobilisation: Measured as an item. Not to exceed 10 per cent of the Tender Sum. Payment when the Contractor established on site. Demobilisation: Measured as an item. Payment when demobilisation complete. Ongoing costs: Measured as an item. Payment progressively during the contract in proportion to the value of complying work. 23.1.5 Project Notice Boards Measured by number erected. 23.1.6 As Constructed Information Include the cost for providing as constructed information and drawings in the negotiated costs for the variation associated with the amendment to the design which led to the need to amend the information and drawings to accurately reflect the as built condition. 23.1.7 Level Checking Measured in kilometres for the layer under consideration. 23.1.8 Control Station Check Survey Measured as an item. 23.2 PROVISION FOR TRAFFIC 23.2.1 Traffic Management Plan Measured as an item. Include in Provision for Traffic. Include TCDs. 23.2.2 Provision for Traffic Measured as an item. Includes detours, temporary connections, access to adjacent properties, traffic guidance, traffic control devices, temporary bridging, warning devices, maintenance and restoration. Variable message boards will be measured as an item. Payment will be made progressively in proportion to the value of work carried out. 23.2.3 Gravelling of Detours Measured in square metres for the specified gravel thickness and width. Make allowance for supply, delivery, and compaction of material. 23.2.4 Sealing of Detours Measured in square metres for the specified width. Make allowance for the removal and disposal of seal and restoration work. 23.3 CLEARING GRUBBING AND REHABILITATION Measured as an item. Includes removing vegetation stripping and stockpiling, top soil respreading, removal of unrecoverable fencing, drainage structures , old road surfaces and other obstacles. Make allowance for stripping, stockpiling and respreading of the top layer. Make allowance for replacement of stripped layer. 23.3.1 Treatment of Existing Sealed Surface Not measured separately. 23.3.2 Scarifying of Existing Roads Measured in linear metres. 23.3.3 Mulching Measured as an item. Make allowance for mulching demolished vegetation, burying stumps, roots and grasses, stockpiling mulched material, spreading mulch and removing excess mulched