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Standard specification for road works 2015/2016



Standard specification for road works 2015/2016


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miscellaneous provisions ■ provision for traffic ■ clearing grubbing and rehabilitation ■ earthworks ■ conformance testing ■ pavements and shoulders ■ stabilisation ■ spray sealing ■ dense graded asphalt ■ slurry surfacing ■ miscellaneous concrete works ■ drainage works ■ protection works ■ road furniture and traffic control devices ■ pavement marking ■ landscape ■ ducting and conduits ■ traffic control signals ■ traffic counting stations ■ street lighting ■ directional (thrust) boring ■ measurement and payment ■ referenced documents ■ nt climate zones table ■ This document specifies the general standards of materials and workmanship required by the Department of Infrastructure for construction of civil road network assets




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PROVISION FOR TRAFFIC STANDARD SPECIFICATION ROADWORKS DoI REFERENCE TEXT December 2015 Page 20 Removal of Temporary Line marking 2.12.1 All line removal works must be carried out in such a manner as to not endanger the health, safety or amenity of employees, road users or the general public. Carry out removal of markings in such a manner as to minimise damage to pavement surfaces. Obliterate markings so as they are no longer recognisable as marking. When arrows, letters or figures are to be removed, the removal pattern must be in the shape of a rectangle or square to minimise confusion to the motorist, particularly in wet weather and poor lighting conditions. The removed marking and the material and the material used to remove the marking must be contained, collected and disposed of in an environmentally acceptable manner. Refer to DLP Road Network Technical Directive RNDTD08-01 Removal of Line Marking. TRAFFIC CONTROL - WITNESS 2.13 POINT Modify the Traffic Management Plan during the works to suit site conditions if required or requested by the nominated DoI Contact Officer. Witness Point - The Superintendent must appraise all changes to the TMPs and TCDs prior to implementation of any changes, unless there is an urgent need for amendments to mitigate hazards. In situations where immediate hazard mitigation is necessary the changes may be implemented and the Superintendent advised of the changes as soon as practicable thereafter. If an incident occurs within, adjacent to, on approach to or departure from the work site, make a photographic record of the traffic control devices, site conditions, placement of plant and equipment etc., as soon as practical after the event. Advise the Superintendent of the incident as soon as possible. Only permit single lane operation of two way traffic when traffic is directed by accredited WZTM controllers and signs or portable traffic signals etc. are employed, dependant on the site conditions and after obtaining the appropriate approvals. Organise Police control as required, or as requested by the Northern Territory Police should the need arise. SIDE TRACKS FOR DETOURS 2.14 Construction 2.14.1 Provide side tracks for detours when it is impractical to provide for traffic on the existing road system. Design and construct side tracks to conform to AGRD Austroads Guide to Road Design and the following minimum standards: Table 2.3 Side Track Minimum Requirements Part 1 Side track characteristic Roadway Type National Highway Secondary Highway Local Road Carriageway Width 10 m 8 m 6 m Design Speed 80 km/h 60 km/h 40 km/h Horizontal Curve radius with 3% superelevation 250 m 150 m 50 m Vertical Curve radius (crest) 2,500 m 1,000 m 400 m Vertical Curve radius (sag) 1,000 m 600 m 400 m Pavement Width 8 m 6 m 4 m Gravel Pavement Thickness (when specified) 150 mm 100 mm 50 mm Lateral Clearance to Obstruction (from edge of carriageway) 2.5 m 1.2 m 1.0 m Table 2.4 Side Track Minimum Requirements Part 2 Item Requirement Signs/Warning devices: As in Traffic Control Plan. Guideposts: At all fills, curves and crests. Flood gauge posts: At all floodways. Total length at any one time: 5 km max. Side track type: Gravelled/Sealed Refer to PSRs. Compact top 150 mm to 95 % relative compaction. Match side tracks neatly to the existing road system. Provide sufficient resources to direct and assist traffic, when side tracks become restricted. Carry out immediate remedial works when traffic is delayed by poor side track conditions or surface condition is dangerous.