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Standard specification for road works 2015/2016



Standard specification for road works 2015/2016


Standard specification for road works; Reports; PublicationNT




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miscellaneous provisions ■ provision for traffic ■ clearing grubbing and rehabilitation ■ earthworks ■ conformance testing ■ pavements and shoulders ■ stabilisation ■ spray sealing ■ dense graded asphalt ■ slurry surfacing ■ miscellaneous concrete works ■ drainage works ■ protection works ■ road furniture and traffic control devices ■ pavement marking ■ landscape ■ ducting and conduits ■ traffic control signals ■ traffic counting stations ■ street lighting ■ directional (thrust) boring ■ measurement and payment ■ referenced documents ■ nt climate zones table ■ This document specifies the general standards of materials and workmanship required by the Department of Infrastructure for construction of civil road network assets




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SPRAY SEALING STANDARD SPECIFICATION ROADWORKS DoI REFERENCE TEXT December 2015 Page 55 8. SPRAY SEALING 8.1 STANDARDS Conform to the following Standards and Publications unless specified otherwise: AS 1141 Methods for sampling and testing aggregates AS 1141.14 - Particle shape, by proportional caliper AS 1141.15 - Flakiness index AS 1141.18 - Crushed particles in coarse aggregate derived from gravel AS 1141.20.1 - Average least dimension Direct measurement (nominal size 10 mm and greater) AS 1141.20.2 - Average least dimension Direct measurement (nominal sizes 5 mm and 7mm) AS 1141.23 - Los Angeles value AS 1141.24 - Aggregate soundness Evaluation by exposure to sodium sulphate solution AS 1141.25.1 - Degradation factor Source rock AS 1141.26 - Secondary minerals content in igneous rocks AS 1141.29 - Accelerated soundness index by reflux AS 1141.40 - Polished aggregate friction value Vertical road wheel machine AS 1141.41 - Polished aggregate friction value Horizontal bed machine AS 1141.50 - Resistance to stripping of cover aggregates from binders AS 1160 Bituminous emulsions for the construction and maintenance of pavements AS 1742.3 Manual of uniform traffic control devices Traffic control for works on roads AS 1906.3 Retroreflective materials and devices for road traffic control purposes Raised pavement markers AS 2008 Residual bitumen for pavements AS 2106.2 Methods for the determination of the flash point of flammable liquids (closed cup) - Penksy Martens closed cup method AS 2157 Cutback bitumen AS 2341 (set) Methods of testing bitumen and related roadmaking products AS 2341.6 - Determination of density using a hydrometer AS 2341.9 - Determination of water content (Dean and Stark) AS/NZS 2341.13 - Long-term exposure to heat and air AS 2758.2 Aggregates and rock for engineering purposes - Aggregate for sprayed bituminous surfacing AS 2809.5 Road tank vehicles for dangerous goods - Tankers for bitumen based products AS 3568 Oils for reducing the viscosity of residual bitumen for pavements AS 3706 Geotextiles Methods of Test AS 3706.1 - General requirements, sampling, conditioning, basic physical properties and statistical analysis AS 3706.2 - Determination of tensile properties Wide strip and grab method AS 3706.3 - Determination of tearing strength Trapezoidal method NORTHERN TERRITORY TEST METHODS NTTM 215.1 Standard bell penetration test NTTM 304.1 Determination of skid resistance with the portable skid tester AMERICAN SOCIETY FOR TESTING AND MATERIALS ASTM D86 Standard Test Method for Distillation of Petroleum Products at Atmospheric Pressure ASTM D445 Standard Test Method for Kinematic Viscosity of Transparent and Opaque Liquids (and Calculation of Dynamic Viscosity) ASTM D1298 Standard Test Method for Kinematic Viscosity of Transparent and Opaque Liquids (and Calculation of Dynamic Viscosity) AUSTROADS AGPT04H-08 Austroads Guide to Pavement Technology Part 4H: Test Methods AGPT04K-09 Guide to Pavement Technology Part 4K: Seals AGPT/T103 Pre-treatment and Loss on Heating of Bitumen Multigrade and polymer Binders (rolling thin film oven [RTFO] test) AGPT/T108 Segregation of Polymer Modified Binders AGPT/T109 Ease of Remixing of Polymer Modified Binders AGPT/T111 Handling Viscosity of Polymer Modified Binders (Brookfield Thermosel) AGPT/T112 Flash Point of Polymer Modified Binders