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The Northern Territory news Mon 29 May 1967



The Northern Territory news Mon 29 May 1967

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I YCW consolidated the ir lead in men's A grade squash with a strong five point wio over Commerce last Tuesday night. 0 squash Iook a 1hwge; to Navy-t\rm:as ihcy beat that team th~ prc1 ious week and bad a 4-lJ 11in onr Sailors Red La .... t W{!efi. e JIMMY ANDERSON, ooe of Darwio's top Aussie Rules p layers, is back in action in Rugby. He i~se.en above ready to scoop up the ball for Be rri mah with Gordon Daylight on his left watching the result . Th ree RSL play e rs in the background are about to descend on Anderson, giveo the opportunity. Berrimah won this match played yesterday, 22-15. Fund 0 ring star Darwin: runner t A fund wa.s sta rted by Darwin1s two a t hlet ic clubs today to help one of Austra lia 1s grea test young runners tackle a long-standing Herb Elliott rec.ord a t t he Darwin festiva l Ga mes on June 12. Eighteen year olJ Ru ~e!~ Doney of ictoria, hailed iS the country ' b::: t. mile and distance p~ct, is currentl} - edging; towards the }'1.'\.IStralian junio.r mile record time. Herb Elliott hold the rec ord with a 4 min . 4.3 l)CC . mile run in :\felbournc in January, 1957. Doney's best time to d .>.<e is 4 min . 12.6 sees. ~ 11111111Hit1HIIIIIIHI!IIIIt!IIIHI ADVERTISING ,. . DOESN'T COST IT PAYS! llllllllllllllllllllllll II 1111111 i I He is keen to attack tl1 e .tnd \'\ ara tul fl,m:llcur athlet- performance in an invit a.l.i.on Elliott ju.niol" record <Uld h~ ic d:_,t[)o., ccn in. . 10,000 metres, 31 mins 4.9 bas until only Jaly 4, his J9t:t fh~ .fund is to rai c money se , i>llit thiz wa, disallowed birthday to - do it, bee au e tre for D oney' air fare. because of a technical pc.int then mo' '> u;> to C!Je cnior Donations can be gil en to over di tance between flags. ranks. Gordon :McFarlane, 1041 Doney created a new us D one} is or.c of three Vi - Rapid Creek R oad, Rapid tralianr junior 1500 metre t01i"n athle:e:. cleared w Creek, or HeaUh 'Department; tecplechare with 4 mins 13.5 co mpel:! in tJ1e Darwi;:~ Festi - John PricstL:!y, Flat 4, Mal- sec,, and ho .d even a better val G ames. aba.r Flats, Smith Street " 'est, tiJnc, 4 mins 1'2.4 ecs, dis .. This regi.,rcrcd m~eting, wi I Daroin, o.r Health Depart- allowed . be one c.[ hh last chance, to ment: Dick Mutldimer, NT Hi bcs.t time for go for tl1e. 'title _'\ hich .mus t. b.: I Ne~; . or Warat:lh A -\ C, P.O. metr . i 3 min:, 53.3 c . UJJ.Jer' ~c~L?l rtt~ oondtt1on~. Box _1595. Doney i currently' in peak D oney1 Victorian colleague~ Offici3l recci~'t w111 be fol1!n, ancL will tackle to travel to Darwin arc Olyrn- given. ll.i.otL's lO-ycar-ol<l rocon.l in pi:o .. n :To~W: ok and Com ~ney, who is ft Durwin if tl1c conditi on momv~;:tlt]\ G::~m<:s m an lan wctghs J 0 l 7lb, ha., reat"d l3lack\'lc>Od. two Australian and fm1r Vic- right. Drew lots Tl!e th.r~e dr,ew Jots (or tHo air iravCi tickets "hi'ch \\CTC aYail:!ble for traV'd fr(}m ;\ldboume to Darwin - anti Cf>O k and Blackwootl '~on. 10rian junior record. this O~ym/j) i nn, Cook, h definite tarter ror t.he D".rwin Gamc:<;. competed in 5000. 10 000 an 1 marathon n.t Tokyo, Jamnic~ and Perth. ~ocl"!o/ )tl . Bette-r Printed and publislted by James Frederick Bowditch [hi~ left Doney on hb own for N.T. News Seniees Ltd. - and this i~ where tlie Pund, 8 Smith Street, D arwin. ~1a 1'led by Darv. in Belt.ann.. He !>!laHercd 33 sees off the old record for the u~trali :w and Victor ian I 0,000 iilctrc!> when he n:n the di'>lflitce in 32 min 20 .~ccs in December. He produced' an even better Blu "1-.."'v.oo I, anol:her cleftnl'te starter, corl1lpeted in th 3000 metres S>tcepleohasc, thr e mile .an.d mar'atJ10n n. t J a.maica. and JJerth __ , '_.~ ';:. i: ~ . ~ :: 1 ~., , ' Australia to U.K. an~~ .Europ~ and now :.. Australia to Ameri~an, East .Coast . now advertised exclusively in THE AUSTRALIAN It wa lett to Otris an Nci~op, the only "'oman pLaying m men's comp>Ctition, to beat Bob Craig of YCW 3-32 to 2-31. hris played probably 1hc h._:, t ~qlia h o f' he r career to h~: tt Ho b in . 1 top cl as' match. I he omads lean\ c nUnucs to. in1pr YC an<l had a 4-0 win over Wruatah Red . Old ri ":rh . .l ll'illln) Ri cJwrd'.t Jn :wd Phil Platt had a batik. or 67 point bdore Ric: l!nnbon won. :1 -36 lo 2-31. II the g:unes were long in thh. match aud a loti of 264 point~ wcrl' cored in aU In 11 on ten\ gra de, Or mads had :1 wi n ovn Wara tah~ 3 I ~ J'hi-. ma.tch "'no<. notable for th' mtll'!n to form of cx-Dar1\.in champ ion Margaret LoVeclay. I argarct outla~,tcd D eslie Jonc> to wi n 3-41 , to 2- 34. Commerce Black defeated Con'Lmercc Red in t,he o.ther A grade m a tch 3-1 aJld agaih a former tOlP cla s player showect a return ~o fom1. Trene Mathews showed her e h..: .~t f()Jm lo bc:~t l\l ac \vil'>011 3-27 lO 0-6. Me n's B g rade }<:< ~tkr'S, RAAF, su!Iere<l a ~urth c r defeat. This time Darwin C'luh oosscd them, helped along ~Y the inclusion in their team of Raymond 1' :1~ oc and Dol> Harris. Dar'vlil! Cl u1b 11on ) - 1 and ll was left to lan Dr verc:lliX tn win the onJy game for R,\ J-. YCW White had a 4-0 win dver Waratal1s White :md it appear: a~ if this YCW team will bcal the R AF ho:. -. in the Grand Fin:d. Close win 'lllc Cornmcrc~ B g1"adc team JHLd a :1 -1 win over 1 amads and !!he orh r mr::til:ch resulted in a close win for YCW Red over Wa.ra tahs Red. Led. by yo,ung Jimmy Swan. YCW Reel 'Wid1 2-10 to 2-7. The Cl grade continues t.o be dom;i.nalcdl by Navy- rmy, who had a 4-0 win dver Waratabs White. However, one o 1lheir players, Keith Grainger, l1ad to ba1Jtle very hard to beat Pete-r Davi 3-37 <to 2-36. In Otis grade, Racketeers In C2, DariWin C luh arc hv far the S>t ron.gest l!.eam. They h ad a 4-0 wlJl over YC W White and there doesn't seem to be any way in whicl1 th i-.; team oan be be&ten in the last few matches. Jn Dl gradle, Robot.<> had an easy 4-0 wiD over News and this team now bav< a great chance in tltc finaL<;. Their nearest rival'>, T B ar~ ju t managed to beat War~- . : tahs Rc(t 2-7 to 2-6. Tn I 2 grade, RAAT had :~ 3 I \1 in <.Wer Seagulls. Harry B-uder again wc1i.t ~1 ell fl()r RA.AF, beaili1g Rc.\ !- all . . 3-27 to 0-5. The near:oot rivals to RAAt , Roller , ha<11 a 3-1 win over Aztecs. In women's' B gra<le, Rack- ctcers and Ravens foughlt dut Wh:J.t C01u<ld have :been a pre: view of !!he Grand Final. R avens proved the stmngl'r tonll)1.', winning 3~1 . However the p<J!ints ditltwonce was only eight. Inc7. Lang, R<Jana Bennt>tt and Pauline Jones were the winners' or Ravens and R ayma Gu.nn.in:g the winn<1 for R acketeers . HIS LIFE EXPECTANCY ; t-"'{) _;.-;. : \ .'(:i" r. OH ! AROUND 17 .', to . ' . . . , . ~ 22 YEARS .. '.'- ~ .-.. :~ I At the- moment over 3,000 babies are, . born each year to die horribly 17 to 22 years iater on Australian roads. Of course another 80,000 or so will be . p.ern1anently injured and ?Uffe ~ shocking, crippl ing agonies in the year he I~ ~ . . ; ... dies ... w:el.l. that's. probably too far :rn the. futl:i( . . ~ci worry about mu~h? .. Anyway,. it's.not our worry is it? Just . a thqught' th~ugn .. ~' .. lfyou" don't have. .~::: . \:hildr~ n ; you m~y do one day;- ahd . .: . ;::' :.::.. ::. : .". : ~:.:" :during .the, ~ext 4~. yeq_rs ab9u(p6,0,0.0 , I . :.people tin. this''l?},~ -2~ .. age., ~ r??P wltL ...... :.,l.; ,. ,~ .. . , . die. o.~ : ~,4~,:t~a :li ~n. . ~?.a.d~ . . ~~d. s?~~ .. :r: .. ,~~~~ .. t; ~<~~ .. :.. A .-.~r .. : . 1,6?4,~0~ ~1,lJJ>e-. sho.~k;tn~y~ .. ~nJur.~~ ....... ~ ~~:~ .. ~:t ~~-l;;;.;.:, ;r. . --~ ~robahly:a \91Cf?d reas~~ ?9_' ~~~f;~.::f.t~~i~H",: ~?;.:~,t~ .. ~~t~; , : ~ .~.: .; i ,a.b.out b~.m~ ,a bett~.~" t!rt~~~ J.'~>. J .-.~~ :~~:~ . :=' ... ,'::'<;. ~ ' . : ";. . :1 ' ., . . . i NORTHERN TER~ITO'RY ROAD SAFETY COUNCil -~ ~ ~ The N.T. News, Monday, May 29; .1.961 ....... 17 : ~ !